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Faraday Cage

Holmarc’s benchtop faraday cage incorporates detachable aluminium frame and copper mesh to shield electromagnetic interference.

Metalic Enclosures

Holmarc’s Metalic Enclosure consists of aluminium panels and aluminium extrusion frame with black powder coating.

Transparent Enclosures

Holmarc’s Transparent Enclosure consists of acrylic panels and machined aluminium frame. Front door is available with two options : hinged door and sliding door.

Small Size Transparent Enclosures & Black Enclosures

Holmarc’s Small Size Enclosures consists of acrylic panels (Transparent or Black) and extruded aluminium frame.

Enclosure Construction System

Holmarc Transparent enclosures consists of Acrylic pannels ( transparent or black ) and extruded aluminium frame.

Acoustic Enclosure

Holmarc'S Heppa Filter Enclosure

Heppa Filter Enclosure

Holmarc'S Heppa Filter Enclosure

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