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Faraday Effect Apparatus
Liquid Sample
Model: HO-ED-P-04A
Price : $ 2,603.00

Faraday Effect Apparatus Model: HO-ED-P-04A is designed for the determination of Verdet’s constant of the liquid sample at 532nm and 650nm laser light.

This experiment is suitable for a senior and graduate laboratory to measure the Verdet constant of several commonly available liquids as functions of two different wavelengths were measured. This experiment helps the student to learn how electric and magnetic fields can influence the optical properties of materials.

Faraday rotation is the rotation of the plane of polarization of light due to magnetic-field-induced circular birefringence in a material. In a nonabsorbing or weakly absorbing medium a linearly polarized monochromatic light beam passing through the material along the direction of the applied magnetic field experiences circular birefringence, which results in rotation of the plane of polarization of the incident light beam.

The materials used in this experiment are SF10, water, Ferric chloride solution, cinnamic acid etc. Cinnamic acid is also known as ethyl cinnamate, has a relatively high index of refraction in the visible, and also exhibits substantial dispersion.

Faraday rotation measurements are taken at two different wavelengths, the green diode laser at 532nm and the red diode laser at 650 nm. Laser light transmitted through a column of test liquid contained in a glass tube. The glass tube is coaxial with a solenoid coil. At the entrance end the light is plane polarized by a linear polarizer . At the exit end, the plane of polarization is determined by rotating a second polarizer called the analyzer to obtain extinction of the transmitted light. Precision polarizer rotator mount is used to take the measurement of angular rotation of the polarizer. Measure the angle of rotation for a series of coil currents.

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   To determine the angle of rotation of liquid samples as a function of mean magnetic flux-density using two different wavelengths of light and to calculate the corresponding Verdet’s constant in each case.

Fill the liquid sample in a glass cell with flat optical ends such that no empty space exists. Now insert the glass cell so that the solenoid hole with the inserted liquid sample is aligned with the optical axis. The corresponding Verdet constant is calculated using the relation

V  =  θ  /  (B.L)

Verdet constant is evaluated as a function of the wavelength.

Laser light is made to travel two times through the magneto optical element by using a beam splitter assembly, So that effective Faraday rotation will be twice as compared to the single pass. This helps to detect very small optical rotation.

HO-ED-P-04A Faraday effect electromagnet power supply has provision for direction switching. Rotation of polarization depends on the direction of the applied magnetic field, a current reversing switch on the power supply allows for easy reversal of the magnetic field.

Scope of Supply

Optical Rail

Model No: ED-P-04A-OR
Length : 1000 mm
Material : Black anodized Aluminum alloy
Quantity : 1 no.

Kinematic Laser Mount

Model No: ED-P-04A-KLM
Material : Black anodized Aluminum alloy
Adjustments : Using 80 tpi lead screws
Adjustment Range : +/-4 degrees
Quantity : 1 no.

Polarizer Rotator with Mount

Model No: ED-P-04A-PRM
Material : Sheet Polarizer
Rotation : 360 degree
Resolution : 1 degree
Quantity : 1 no.

Polarizer with Precision Rotation

Model No: ED-P-04A-PPR
Material : Sheet Polarizer
Rotation : 360 degree
Fine Rotation : 15 degree
Resolution : 0.1 degree
Quantity : 1 no.

Detector Mount with X - Translation

Model No: ED-P-04A-DMX
Material : Black anodized Aluminum alloy
Travel : Micrometer controlled
Resolution : 0.01 mm
Diameter : 30 mm
Quantity : 1 no.

Electromagnet with Mount

Model No: ED-P-04A-EMM
Winding Material : Copper
Number of turns : 4000
Length of coil : 200 mm
Quantity : 1 no.

Liquid Sample Tube

Model No: ED-P-04A-LST
Material : Standard Glass
Length : 50 - 200 mm
Internal Diameter : 8 mm
Quantity : 1 no.

Constant Current Power supply

Model No: ED-P-04A-CCPS
Input : 230V 50Hz
Output Current : 0 - 4 Amps
Quantity : 1 no.

Diode Laser with Power supply (Red)

Model No: ED-P-04A-DLPR
Wave length : 650 nm
Optical power : 5 mW
Quantity : 1 no.

Diode Laser with Power supply (Green)

Model No: ED-P-04A-DLPG
Wave length : 532 nm
Optical power : 5 mW
Quantity : 1 no.

Detector Output Measurement Unit

Model No: ED-P-04A-DOMU
Sensor Type : Photo Transistor
Display : 7 segment, 3 ½ digit
Range : 0 - 199 milli / micro amperes
Quantity : 1 no.


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