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Fizeau Interferometer

Model: HO-OFIZ-215

Most verastile interferometer, Fizeau enables measurements of flat and spherical surfaces using non contact configuration. Its reference and measurement optical paths are the same, making this a compact, vibration-resistant system. Fizeau Interferometer is in a way similar to a Fabry-Perot interferometer as both consist of two reflecting surfaces. In a Fizeau interferometer, however, the second surface is usually totally reflecting. An angled beam splitter captures the reference and measurement beams.

Holmarc Fizeau interferometer has open and vertical configuration. It is made suitable for routine measurements of both flat and spherical surfaces. DPSS laser is used as the light source. Optical layout in vertical direction makes the placement of test components easy. The fringes are captured by CCD camera and analyzed by a computer. This equipment can be used for quality control of optics in manufacturing as well as for routine inspection in laboratories.

Fizeau Interferometer is one of the simplest and most versatile interferometers and is popular for routine measurement of both flat and spherical surfaces. It is used to measure optical components such as flats, prisms, lenses, or precision metal parts such as bearings, sealing surfaces or polished ceramics. Measurements can be made using the static fringe analysis software. The interferometer basically comes with high optical quality of λ/20 reference flat. The reflection from the test surface interferes with the reflection from the reference flat, producing the fringes. The shape and the quality of the fringes depends on the surface quality of the test flat. The fringes are digitalized using a high resolution CCD camera. By analyzing the fringes we can obtain the P-V flatness, RMS flatness, 3D surface plot etc.

The Instrument is designed vertically to fix the test sample easily. The tip / tilt test base allows the test sample to align with the reference surface. High quality aberration corrected optical design enhances performance. The reflection flats and reference spheres are optional. Custom solutions are also possible on request.

    High precision flatness measurement is possible

    Static fringe analysis software is used

    The instrument is built upright, so the test sample can be fixed easily

    High quality aberration corrected optical components are used

    Sample size :     ≤ 100 mm
    Reference flat :     λ/20 P V 100 mm diameter 25 mm thickness
    Accuracy :     ≤ λ / 20 PV
    Laser source :     DPSS 5.0 mW 532 nm
    Alignment :     By Tip / tilt sample base
    Camera :     CCD Res. 1280 x 1024
    Analysis  :     Using fringe analysis software
    Weight :     Approx. 25 Kg
    Power supply  :     220V, 50Hz

Fig. Fizeo Interferometer Schematic

Components Included

    DPSS Laser Source 532nm (5 mW),

    Spatial Filter Assembly

    Beam Splitter

    Collimating lens with mount

    Reference Flat with mount

    Test Flat mount

    Zoom lens with CCD etc.

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