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Fizeau Interferometer
with Encoder Rail System

Model: HO-OFIZ-216A

Fizeau Interferometer is one of the simplest and most versatile interferometers and is popular for routine measurement of both flat and spherical surfaces. It is used to measure optical components such as flats, prisms, lenses, or precision metal parts such as bearings, sealing surfaces or polished ceramics. Measurements can be made using the static fringe analysis software. The interferometer basically comes with high optical quality (λ/20) reference flat. The reflection from the test surface interferes with the reflection from reference flat producing fringes. The shape and quality of the fringes depends on surface quality of the test flat. The fringes are digitalized using a high resolution CCD camera.

By analyzing the fringes we can obtain the P-V flatness, RMS flatness, 3D surface plot etc. The tip / tilt test base allows the test sample to align with the reference surface. High quality aberration corrected optical design enhances performance. Holmarc’s autocollimator has stainless steel body and high precision optics with LED illumination. A kinematic stage with two axes tilt movements hold the instrument on horizontal plane. Different types of accessories are also provided for performing different applications. Customer can choose the required accessories from the optional accessories list.

    Max Sample Size :     ≤ 100 mm
    Reference optics :     Accepts any standard Bayonet mounts
    Accuracy :     ≤ λ/20 PV
    Laser Source :     DPSS 5.0 mW / 632.8 He-Ne laser
    Beam Expander :     60x Microscope objective with pinhole
    Collimating lens :     500 mm Focal length, 100 mm diameter Achromat lens
    Alignment :     Camera based
    Camera 1 :     3.0 Megapixels CCD with selectable resolution
    Camera 2 :     5.0 Megapixels CCD with selectable resolution
    Analysis :     Using Fringe Analysis Software (Open fringe & Quick fringe)
    Weight :     Approx. 25 Kg
    Power supply :     220 V, 50 Hz
    Translation stage :     Manual linear translation stage with optical encoder
    Travel & Resolution :     1200 mm Travel length and 2 Micron resolution
    Encoder Output :     With the pc interface and software

Optical Setup

Spatial filter assembly and a positive achromatic lens are used to expand and collimated the He-Ne laser. After the collimating lens the reference flat is fixed. The light reflects back from the Reference flat. A cube beam splitter is placed near the beam expander which reflects the reflected light to the zoom lens and CCD. One portion of this reflected falls on camera 1 which is used for align mode. The reflected light from the test sample also retrace the same path and interfere.

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