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With minimum reagent wastage
Both contact and non-contact printing

HOLMARC FlowLine F100 can be used for printing lines and dots in various substrates. The standard machine has 3 pumps for line printing and one optional pump for conjugate spraying. Additional pump options are available. The short length tubing of this machine reduces the reagent wastage. The average out put is 120 sheets per Hour.

Technical Specifications

  Standalone mode of operation with easy to use User Interface

  Small machine footprint

  Automated adjustable line positions

  Pumps  :  Precision Syringe Pumps

  Standard Configuration  :  3 for reagent line printing

  Nozzles  :  Stainless steel solenoid valve controlled nozzles for non contact printing.

    PEEK nozzles for contact Printing

  Adjustable nozzle height and nozzle width.

  Operating Range  :  550mm

  Dispense area  :  100 mm x 550 mm sheet, can accommodate card size from 50 mm to 10 mm width

    and upto 550 mm length

  Syringe 250 μl (standard)

  Tubing  :  Standard Teflon Tubing with Standard Connectors

  Adjustments  :  Nozzle contact

    Line distance adjustable from 4 mm to 10mm

    Conjugate spray nozzle height

    Nozzle contact angle

    Easy switch from contact to non contact Printing

Standard Models

F100-01  :  Contact Printer with 2 Line Printing Pumps and 1 Conjugate Spray Pump

F100-02  :  3 pumps with 2 Non Contact printing nozzles, 2 Contact Printing Nozzles and 1 Spray Nozzle.


Contact or non-contact printing machine

Optional Systems for dot printing

Ungradable upto 10 Pumps

Conjugate Spraying Nozzles

Optional Sheet Feeding Trays

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