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Model No: FMU216 series

Fluorescence applications have gained importance in a lot of different fields in biomedical research. The HOLMARC FMU216 series defines a new standard in research laboratory and clinical microscopy at affordable price point. Ergonomic design can provide enhanced operator comfort during long hours of use. Fully integrated software and powerful fluorescence illumination provide maximum ease of use and sharp contrast for brilliant fluorescence imaging. New design allows long hours of observation to be more comfortable.

The HOLMARC infinity-corrected optical system used in the FMU216 Series microscope satisfies future scalability needs. Inserting an optical element into the infinity space causes no image distortion or deterioration in image quality. A camera is attached to the trinocular tube. A stand-alone digital camera that is also computer-friendly, provides accurate color reproductions and smooth, high definition live image displays.

To meet the special needs of fluorescence microscopy, of live cell observation or to address emerging needs, objectives with specialized performance characteristics is required. Holmarc will assist you to choose special objectives for special research demands.
   Model : HO-FIM216MU
   Optical system : Infinity Corrected Confocal Upright Microscope
   Observation tube : Wide field trinocular, inclined 30°
   Eyepiece : 10 X Achromatic Wide field
   Objectives : User Specified Objectives
    Achromatic Standard Microscope Objectives
(4X, 10X,20X, 40X, 60X, 100X)
    Plan Apo Infinity-Corrected Long WD Objective
(1X, 2X, 5X, 7.5X, 10X, 20X, 50X, 100X)
    Plan Fluorite Objectives (4X, 10X, 20X, 40X, 60X, 100X)
    Achromatic Semi Plan Standard Microscope Objectives
(4X, 10X, 20X, 40X, 60X, 100X)
   Nosepiece : Sextuple revolving objective nosepiece (Accommodate up to 6
    Nosepiece have slots for filter sliders
   Condenser : Universal type (N.A. 0.9) 1.25x - 100x with iris diaphragm and
filter holder
   filter assembly
: 6 position turret. The filters can be easily insertable and removable.
   Filters : Fluorescence filters for Blue and Green excitation
   Imaging Unit
   Camera : Cooled CCD Camera
   Camera mounting : C - mount
   Sensor Size : Super Large Size 1.8" CCD Sensor
   Resolution : 6.1MP resolution (3032 x 2016)
   Pixel size : 7.8μm x 7.8μm
   Cooling : -30°C below ambient
   Data output : 12-bit or 8-bit raw, jpg, bmp
   Software : Image analysis software IMAGE Pro Ver. 2.25
   Focus Vertical stage
: 50mm stage stroke with coarse, fine adjustment and limit stopper
   Full rotation of fine
   focusing knobs movement
: 100μm
   Fine focusing sensitivity : 1μm minimum adjustment
   Vertical stage mounting
: variable
   Microscopic stage : Double layer mechanical Stage
   Travel Range : 75mm x 50mm
   (Large stage with travel range of 120mm x 75 mm are available as option It is designed as a
   universal mounting frame, can hold petri dishes, specimen slides and well plates).
   Illumination Unit
   Fluorescence Light Source : 12V100W halogen bulb
   Number of light ports : 3 (LED Illumination. Quartz Halogen & Laser (Optional)
   External port : External lasers can be used as co-axial illuminator
   Illuminator : Built-in Koehler illumination
   Design : Switchable Coaxial and Bottom Illumination
   Shutter : Manual Shutter unit
   Controls : Light intensity Variable
   Filters : Selectable blue and green filters
    Motorized Focusing Stand with step resolution of 1μm
    Z - focus piezo drive for ultra fine positioning of objectives in the resolution 10nm
    Control Unit Buit in LCD touch screen capable of controlling all motorized functions of microscope
    Laser & LED Sources
    Motorized Nosepiece: Six positions motorized revolving nosepiece
    Motorized X-Y Stage with multi-site scanning capability, controller and joystick.
    Objectives : High numerical aperture objectives suitable for bright field / fluorescence /
       DIC observation.
    Motorized Fluorescence Module: Motorized fluorescence attachment with built in shutter and
       a 6 position filter.
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