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Fluorescence Imaging Microscope

Model No: FIM5000S

    Microscope type :     Infinity corrected Confocal inverted Microscope
    Eyepiece :     10X achromatic wide field
    Objectives :     Plan apo-infinity long WD objectives (5X,10X, 20X, 45X, 60X)
    Nosepiece :     It shall accommodate at least 5 objectives and shall have slots for filters
    Condenser :    Shall be universal type with large Numerical aperture 1.25 - 100X iris and at least two filter holders
    Camera :     4K imaging, 12bit resolution, cooled camera, suitable Cmount, licensed imaging software
    Stages :     Motorised stage with minimum travel range of 10 x 5 cm2, and 1 micron resolution
    Focus :     50mm stage stroke with fine adjustment
    Light sources :     Fluorescence 405nm low noise laser of 100mW or better optical power. Possibility for co-axial pumping of external light source

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