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Fluorescence Spectrometer

Model : HO-SP-FRS-215Xe

Holmarc's fluorescence spectrometer model HO-SP-FRS-215Xe is manufactured for advanced material research as well as for routine biochemical analysis. The instrument incorporates latest designs and techniques in all its eight modules namely source, entrance slit, excitation monochromator, sample chamber, emission monochromator , detector, control electronics and software.


        Optical path configuration :     Czerny-Turner type
        Focal Length :     300 mm
        Aperture Ratio :     f/6
        Dispersion element :     Holographic grating
        Grating density :     1200 l/mm
        The spectral resolution :     50 x 50 mm
        Relative diffraction efficiency :     65 % Max.
        Wavelength range :     190 - 900 nm
        Wavelength Selection :     Scanning
        Measurement Mode :     Spectra Scanning
        Filter Unit :     Automated higher order cutoff filter
        Resolution :     ~ 0.1 nm
        Slit width :     0 - 3 mm, Micrometer controlled
        Dispersion with 300F :     2.46 nm/mm
        Wavelength Repeatability :     ± 0.5 nm
        Light Source :     150W Xenon ARC Lamp
        Detector :     High sensitive PMT Side-on type
        Gain Typ. :     1.0 x 107 [Anode] Gain
        Control :     Auto Gain
        Photocathode Material :     Multi alkali
        Peak Detection :     400 nm
        Luminous Sensitivity Min. :     140 μA/lm [Cathode]
        Luminous Sensitivity Min. :     1000 A/lm [Anode]
        Dark Current (after 30min.) Typ. :     300 (s-1) nA [Anode]
        Software :     Spectra F R S Ver 2.01
        Interface :     USB 2.0

        Fluorescence Analysis

        UV-VIS-NIR Detection

        Research Model Performance

        Bio Applications

        Raman Spectrum Measurements

        Phosphorescence Measurements

        Material Analysis

        Photometric Measurements

        Fast scan speed

        Wide dynamic range


        1000 A/lm Min. Luminous Sensitivity

        Automatic Higher-Order Diffraction Cut Filter


Xenon lamp is used as light source for a standard models. Source can be changed to tungsten halogen or to a combination of deuterium and tungsten-halogen depending upon the application.

Entrance Slit

Entrance slit is micrometer driven with 10 micron resolution and 1 micron sensitivity. Slit width can be adjusted from 0-3 mm. The slit is manually adjusted and locked in position for the experiment.

Excitation Monochromator

Excitation Monochomator has Czerny-Turner design with all the features of our standard device described as model : spectra-UV-VISINR . The device incorporates a plane holographic grating with 1200 lines/mm and precision motorized sine drive mechanism. Collimating optics used are concave mirrors to minimize aberrations as far as possible.

Sample Chamber

Sample chamber in the instrument is designed for accommodating 10 mm standard cuvettes. The chamber can be customized on request.

Emission Monochromator

Emission monochromator has similar specifications as that of excitation monochromator. It uses plain holographic grating with motorized wavelength drive mechanism for scanning. Motor used is stepper motor driven in micro-step mode. Collimating optics used are concave mirrors with UV enhanced coating.


The detector is highly sensitive Photo Multiplier Tubes (PMT) with integrated drive electronics to minimize electronic noise.

Control Electronics

Control electronics takes care of scanning functions of excitation and emission monochromators along with source and detector. Communication with computer is USB based.


The instrument is fully computer based with all operating commands given from the computer. The UI of the dedicated software is made as user friendly as possible. Data is saved in the computer in standard formats.

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