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Gantry Design Stage

GTNDT Series
Specially developed control software
Standard and customized designs are available

In gantry configuration, Z axis which is fixed to Y axis moves over a fixed platform / surface. Length and width of this platform covered by Z movement are limited to traverses in X and Y axes. Holmarc manufactures standard and custom stages in gantry configurations. Driver motors can be either stepper, BLDC or AC servo depending on the application. Holmarc provides control hardware and software for gantry stages with or without linear and circular interpolations. Standard stages are manufactured in aluminium alloy which is well suited for clean room environment. For rugged applications, construction material can be steel as well. Re-circulating ball bearing guides are used for X and Y axes. For Z axes, guideways can be either re-circulating or non-recirculating depending on the traverse and load conditions.

Model No. X (mm) Y ( mm ) Z ( mm )
GTNDT 100 100 100 25
GTNDT 200 200 200 50
GTNDT 300 300 300 75
GTNDT 500 500 500 100
GTNDT 500-1000 1000 500 200
GTNDT 500-1200 1200 600 200
GTNDT 800-1500 1500 750 200

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