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Illumination System
with Motorized Polarizer Rotator

Model: HO-IMPR-01

    1.  Compact and portable system to illuminate an object through a rotating polarizer sheet
    2.  High intensity LED light (Ring type) with intensity control
    3.  An annular back plate / screen (reflector) on the back side of the ring light to avoid light directly falling on the camera
    4.  An annular diffuser arrangement in front of the ring light source to generate diffused light allowing optical access
    5.  Linear polarizer sheet (sandwiched b/w glass plates) arranged in-front of the high intensity LED light source / ring light and the diffusor
    6.  Linear polarizer sheet mounted on a motorized rotator driven by stepper motor
    7.  Rotator specification
    a.  Rotation steps 0.5 degree or less
    b.  Accuracy 0.05 degree
    c.  Control of rotation through computer
    d.  Software to control rotator movements
    e.  Sample LabVIEW codes
    8.  Design of the system with the following basic dimensions
    a.  Length of imaging system 230 mm
    b.  Diameter of the imaging lens 80 mm
    c.  Diameter of polarizer sheet 130 mm
    d.  Outer diameter of ring light < 130 mm
    e.  Inner diameter of ring light > 80 mm
    f.  Inner diameter of the diffuser 80 mm
    9.  Enclosure with base plate for the entire system
    10.  Smallest foot print for the system
    11.  Imaging system Not in the Scope of supply
    12.  Height adjustable mount of the image sensor and lens
    #  Computer Not in the scope of supply

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