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Impedance Tube Apparatus

Model: HO-AE-ITA219

Holmarc offers the complete set of Impedance Tube system, which includes: hollow tubes, microphones, sample holders, DAQ unit and measurement software as per international standards. The tube is designed using anodized aluminum to measure sound absorption coefficient and transmission loss as per test standards described in ISO 10534-2, ASTME1050 & ASTM E2611 at normal incident, that is, 0°. The measurement is based on transfer function method which separates the incident and reflected energy from the measured transfer function, and then estimates the acoustic properties of the test sample. The properties measured with this test method are useful in basic research and product development of sound absorptive materials.

    Model No : HO-AE-ITA219
    Tube : Combined type ( Large 100 mm & Small 29 mm )
    Frequency Range : 100Hz - 1600 HZ 500Hz - 6300Hz
    Inner Diameter : 100 mm 29 mm
    Scanning Frequencies : 1/3 Octaves
    Standard :     ISO10534-2, ASTME1050, ASTME2611
    Value to be Measured : Sound Absorption Coefficient (α) and Transmission Loss (TL)
    Sample Holder Inner diameter : 100 mm 29 mm
    Sample Holder Max length : 200 mm 200 mm
    Loud Speaker : 3½ “in diameter, 30 Watts, 4 Ohm
    Microphone : ¼” in diameter, -3dB at 1.5V sensitivity, 20-16,000Hz frequency response
    Measurement software : Holmarc Wave Analyzer 4C


    Measurement is based on transfer-function method according to ISO10534–2 and ASTME1050 international standards for absorption coefficient and ASTME2611 for transmission loss.

    Built-in noise generator & power amplifier.

    Quick and simple to use.

    Two kind of tube to measure full range frequencies.

    Measure in 1/3 octave frequencies and single frequency scanning

    Measure other normal incident material properties like reflection coefficient, impedance ratio, resistance ratio, reactance ratio, admittance ratio, conductance ratio, susceptance ratio, transmission coefficient, propagation wave number in material, characteristic impedance in material as per ASTM standards.

    Data measured on different tubes can be combined into full-frequency.

    Direct data export to excel sheet and print report.

    Baseline function for noise cancellation in mic.


    Measurement of acoustical properties of materials

    Measurement of absorption and reflection coefficient of materials

    Measurement of transmission loss

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