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Interference of electro-magnetic radiation is an important phenomena to be closely studied by engineers as well as scientists in variety of disciplines. Our standard products in interferometry are described in this section. A comprehensive list of our interferometers is stated below. Though designed primarily for educational needs, all these instruments can be used for research projects as well.

Newton’s Ring Apparatus

In this apparatus, Light from a sodium lamp falls on the glass plate, inclined at 45 degree to the horizontal, get reflected, and then falls normally on the convex lens.

Cornus Interference Apparatus

The device is similar to Newton's Rings apparatus except that an arrangement for loading the test piece is provided for carrying out Cornus interference studies.

Michelson Interferometer - Standard Model

Michelson interferometer is a widely used instrument for measuring wavelength of light, refractive index of transparent materials etc.

Michelson Interferometer - Compact Model

This is a compact Michelson Interferometer. In this set up, the distance between the mirrors and beamsplitter is fixed. The components are mounted on a rigid platform.

Magnetostriction with Michelson Interferometer

Ferromagnetic substances undergo so-called magnetic distortions, i.e, they exhibit lengthening or shortening parallel to the direction of magnetisation.

Michelson Interferometer - (Sodium D’ Lines)

In this model of Michelson interferometer, sodium vapor lamp is used as light source. Mirrors and beam splitters are all same as in the case of laser based Michelson interferometer.

Michelson Interferometer - (Piezo Electric Effect)

This Michelson Interferometer is used as 'Optical Ruler' to calculate the displacement factor of piezoelectric actuator in accordance with the Piezoelectric Effect.

Mach-Zehnder Interferometer

Interferometer is built by assembling the building blocks on a breadboard as per desired optical layout. Optics and laser head are held using kinematic mounts ...

Fabry - Perot Etalon

Holmarc’s Fabry-Perot etalon is made of plate beamsplitters separated by 4mm distance. The beamsplitters are made by coating aluminium thin films on optically polished N-BK7 substrates.

Fabry - Perot Interferometer - (Projection Based)

In Fabry-Perot interferometer, the distance between partially reflecting mirrors are varied by using coarse and fine adjustable translation stage driven by micrometers.

Fabry - Perot Interferometer - (CCD Based)

In this Computer interfaced Fabry-Perot interferometer, the interference pattern is captured by a CCD sensor and displayed on a computer monitor.

Fizeau Interferometer

Fizeau Interferometer is one of the simplest and most versatile interferometers and is popular for routine measurement of both flat and spherical surfaces.

Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometer (ESPI)

Electronic Speckle Pattern interferometry (ESPI) is a non-destructive optical method for studying surface deformations. It relies on the interference between diffusely reflected light from...

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