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Kinematic Prism Mount

KTM Series

Detachable platform
Left right orientations possible

KTM series kinematic prism mounts enable horizontal & vertical mounting. Left / Right orientations can be easily arranged using detachable platform. Suitable prism clamps are provided along with kinematic prism mounts. Tilt adjustment screws have 0.25 mm / rev. pitch threads. Construction material is aluminium with black anodized finish. M6 / M4 mounting options are provided for fixing it with standard 12 mm or 16 mm posts.

    Angular tip / tilt :     +/- 3°
    Translation range :     6 mm (selected models only)
    Linear resolution :     0.25 mm
    Sensitivity :     4 arc sec.
    Mounting hole :     M6 / M4
    Mounting orientation :     Vertical & horizontal
    Material :     Aluminium
    Finishl :     Black anodized

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Model No Optic Size Mounting Hole Drawing Price $
KTM-25 Upto 1" / 25 M6 / M4 65.00
KTM-50 Upto 2" / 50 M6 / M4 69.00
Kinematic mirror mount with rectangular optics with translation
KTM-T-25 Upto 1" / 25 M6 / M4 70.00
KTM-T-50 Upto 2" / 50 M6 / M4 75.00

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