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Laminar Flow Work Table

LMHH-TT Series

Laminar flow work tables are essential tools in various industries, particularly in fields where a clean and controlled environment is crucial for sensitive processes such as research, manufacturing, and experimentation. These tables provide a controlled airflow environment that minimizes particle contamination, ensuring optimal conditions for precision work, delicate experiments, and manufacturing processes. Among the range of laminar flow work tables developed by our company, we offer three distinct types, each tailored to specific applications:

Model No Work table type Mounting holes Size of table
LMHH-TT 1200-600 Horizontal Flow Work Table with Optical Breadboard M6 mounting holes on 25mm grid 1200 x 600 mm
LMHH 1200-600 Horizontal Laminar Flow Unit Nil 1200 x 600 mm

1. Horizontal Flow Work Table with Optical Breadboard

This type of laminar flow work table combines the benefits of laminar airflow with the stability and versatility of an optical breadboard. The horizontal flow design ensures a uniform airflow across the work surface, minimizing the risk of particle contamination. The inclusion of an optical breadboard expands the utility of the table, allowing users to mount and align optical components with precision. This makes it particularly suitable for applications such as optical experiments, laser systems development, and photonics research where stability and cleanliness are paramount.

2. Horizontal Laminar Flow Unit

Our horizontal laminar flow unit offers a clean and controlled environment for a wide range of applications. With a horizontal airflow pattern, this unit provides a laminar flow of air across the work surface, effectively removing contaminants and ensuring a particle-free environment. This type of laminar flow work table is ideal for tasks requiring a clean workspace, such as electronics assembly, medical device manufacturing, and pharmaceutical compounding. Its versatile design makes it adaptable to various work environments, providing a reliable solution for maintaining cleanliness and precision in diverse applications.

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