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Laser Raman Spectrometer

(CCD Based)

Model: HO-ED-S-06A

Holmarc's CCD Based Laser Raman Spectrometer apparatus (Model No: HO-ED-S-06A) is an apparatus designed for recording Raman spectra of both solids and liquid samples. Raman spectroscopy is a scattering technique. It is based on Raman Effect, i.e., frequency of a small fraction of scattered radiation is different from frequency of monochromatic incident radiation.

It is based on the inelastic scattering of incident radiation through its interaction with vibrating molecules. It probes the molecular vibrations. This will produce a different range of frequencies, namely intense stokes and anti stokes, which have higher frequency than the incident radiation along Rayleigh line. Rayleigh and Raman scattering can be explained both classically and quantum mechanically.

In CCD based Raman spectrometer, sample is kept in cuvette accompanied by the mechanical chamber with DPSS laser (532nm). The vibrational state of molecule while relaxing the high energy state re-emits the radiation in all directions. Spectrometer is positioned in such a way that laser beam collide at the cuvette perpendicularly. Notch filter is used in front of the spectrometer to avoid Rayleigh scattering so that Raman radiations are measured efficiently.

Highly sensitive (0.1 -6500ms), low noise, cooled CCD is ideal as a detector for Raman spectrum studies. Czerny Turner design is applied in the spectrometer with precision holographic grating as dispersion element. The control electronic devices convert the optical dispersion to electronic pulses which is transmitted to computer via USB.

The software used to interpret the data is user friendly. Regression / curve fit algorithms ( Newton - Raphson numerical analysis, Levenberg Marquardt algorithms, etc ) are used. Savitzky – Golay filtering / Box car smoothing purposes, etc are the features of the software. Material library is provided for customized versions.

Experiment Examples

    To record the vibrational Raman spectrum of CCl4 molecule

    To record the polarized Raman spectrum of CCl4 molecule

    To calculate the depolarization ratio of CCl4 molecule and to determine if the mode of vibration is symmetric or asymmetric vibrational Raman mode

    To record the Raman spectrum of diamond

    To record the Raman spectrum of acetone, Iso propanol etc or unknown chemicals

Spectometer Specifications

    Design    :    Czerny Turner design

    Type    :    Plane grating

    Lines / mm    :    1200 l/m

    Laser    :    532nm, 40mW DPSS laser

    Wavelength range    :    350 - 1000nm

    Wavelength accuracy    :    < 0.4 nm

    Wavelength repeatability    :    < 0.2 nm

    Reciprocal of linear dispersion    :    2.7 mm

    Notch filter wavelength    :    532 nm

    CWL tolerance (nm)    :    +/- 5.3 nm

    Calibration source used    :    mercury lamp

    Calibration type    :    Regression / curve fitting

    Computer-controlled, user-friendly interface

    Automatic recording of Raman spectra

    DPSS laser is used as light source

    Both solid and liquid samples can be analyzed
CCD Specifications

    CCD detector : High sensitive CCD detector 3648 element hermetically sealed vacuum cooled down to -30°C

    Signal to noise ratio : 500 : 1

    A/D resolution : 12 / 16 Bit

    Exposure time : 0.1 - 6500 ms

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