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Model : HRRS 216R2

Holmarc’s new series of updated cooled CCD spectrometers configured for Raman spectroscopy applications can perform quick identification of a variety of liquid, solid, or powder samples.

It has been developed to meet the needs of Material Science, Manufacturing and Biochemistry offering a high quality optical system which can be fully customized for use with fiber-optic probes or an optional microscope with spatial resolution down to 20 μm. Spectra Software simplifies data collection and analysis. Software features library searching and sample database creation.

Raman System Features
Configurable Wavelengths
Computer-controlled, user-friendly interface
Save your samples and can search for matches
DPSS 532nm laser source
Both solid and liquid samples can be analyzed
-30 Degree Cooled CCD Sensor for low light

This spectrometer is designed for recording raman emissions from solids as well as liquids when a laser beam is passed trough the sample. The apparatus suits Chemistry as well as Physics labs for characterizing materials by recording raman emissions. The set up consists of 200mW DPSS 532nm laser with variable power controlling option, collection optics, sample mount, stages, monochromator and cooled CCD camera.

The measurements are done by selective scanning method providing full spectral collection of Raman data at high spectral resolution. Spectrometer records the intensity of each interested wavelength range using cooled CCD camera. The readings are plotted on a graph. Spectrometer used in the system has high resolution and low stray light. Electronics hardware is made integrated for spectrometer, detector and laser source so that fully automatic operation is possible from interfaced computer.

Optical system
High resolution, high stability and low stray light 300F CT configured CCD spectrometer with selective scanning for different excitation source selection.
    Spectrometer D / f : 1 / 6
    Grating : 1200L / mm
    Entrance slit : 0 - 2mm adjustable
    Wavelength Range : 320 - 1050nm (Spectrometer)
    Raman Spectrum : 200 - 4000 cm-1
    Laser Source : DPSS 532nm low noise laser, 785nm laser (optional)
    Output Power : > 200mW variable power
    Wavelength Accuracy : ± 0.1 cm
    Wavelength Repeatability : ≤ 0.5 cm
    Resolution : ≤ 2cm-1 at 532nm
    Rayleigh Filter : 17nm bandwidth Notch filter
    CCD detector : High sensitive CCD detector 3648 element hermetically sealed vacuum cooled down to -30°C
    Signal to noise ratio : 500 : 1
    A / D Resolution : 12 / 16 Bit
    Exposure Time : 0.1 - 6500 ms
    Optics mirrors : Protective aluminium coated and aspherized achromatic lenses optimized for VIS-NIR range
    Objective lens : Aspherized achromatic 0.45N.A objective lens with10mm W.D
    Sample holder : Accommodate standard 10mm cuvette, custom sample holders
    Sample positioning : XYZ micrometer with step resolution of 10 micron
Irradiation Chamber
Sample irradiation chamber consists of laser, sample holder, mirrors, lenses and other optics, all appropriately mounted on kinematic mounts and translation stages. Laser beam is directed in to the sample using plane mirrors and scattered light from the sample is collected using concave mirrors and condenser lenses. Polarizer and half wave plates are also used on the optical path for polarization and depolarization studies.
Input and output ports of the spectrometer are fitted with precise, micrometer controlled variable slits. The grating is fixed on rotation stage driven by stepper motor. Mirrors in the spectrometer are kinematically mounted for fine tuning during installation and setup. Notch filter for rejection of laser wavelength is used at the output port for protection of PMT.
HOLMARC Spectra RA software features all of the function required for Raman spectra acquisition and analysis. Data processing include data smoothening (Savitsky-Golay, Moving average), difference, normalization, base line correction, peak detection etc. Spectral comparison from the data base implemented in the software for automatic detection of samples. Data can be exported in spread sheet format compatible with Microsoft Excel.
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