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Laser Raman Spectrometer

Model : HO-ED-S-06

Holmarc’s Laser Raman Spectrometer (Model No:HO-EDS-06) is a useful instrument for the identification of wide range of substances in physics and chemistry laboratories. The procedure followed in this equipment is illuminating a sample with DPSS green laser and using a monochromator to examine the light scattered by the sample. It is a straight forward, non destructive technique requiring no sample preparation.

This spectrometer is designed for recording raman emissions from solids as well as liquids when a laser beam is passed through the sample. The apparatus suits Chemistry as well as Physics labs for characterizing materials by recording raman emissions. The set up consists of 40mW DPSS laser (532 nm), collection optics, sample mount, stages, monochromator and detector.

The monochromator is PC controlled and motorized. The experiment is conducted by scanning the emission spectrum by monochromator and recording the intensity of each interested wavelength from the detector. The readings are plotted on a graph. Monochromator used in the system has high resolution and low stray light.

When a light beam emitted by the laser device passes trough an external optic path and irradiates the sample, the scattered light enters the monochromator. When the grating in the monochromator is rotated, light signal passes through a slit and falls on a highly sensitive detector (PMT). The detector output is sent to the computer for further processing.

        Laser source :     532 nm  40 mW DPSS Laser
        Wavelength Range :     200 ~ 800nm (Monochromator)
        Wavelength Accuracy :     ≤ 0.4 nm
        Wavelength Repeatability :     ≤ 0.2 nm
        Reciprocal of Linear Dispersion :     2.7 mm
        Half-Width of Spectral line :     ≤ 0.2 nm  @  586 nm
        Relative Aperture Ratio :     D / F   1 / 5.5
        Optical Grating :     1200  l / mm
        Slit Width :     0 ~ 2mm Continuously Adjustable
        Computer-controlled, user-friendly interface
        Capable of automatic recording of Raman spectra
        Wavelength Selection Method
        DPSS laser is used as light source
        Both solid and liquid samples can be analyzed
        The system is assembled as a standalone unit with a footprint of 800 mm x 600mm
        High sensitive PMT is used as detector
        PMT protection circuit
        Both manual and automatic recording of data possible

Control Electronics and Software

Electronics hardware is integrated with monochromator, detector and laser source, so that fully automatic operation is possible from interfaced computer. Software developed is dedicated for Laser Raman spectrometer with all standard capabilities. Holmarc engineers entertain customization of this software on request.


PMT is used as detector. It is placed near exit slit in a closed enclosure. The high voltage power supply required for PMT is integrated with detector housing.

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