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CCD Based Laser Raman

Spectrometer - Compact Model

Model : HO-SP-LRS218
Non-destructive technique
Both solid & liquid sample analysis

Raman an extremely useful and powerful analytical tool. Holmarc’s new CCD based spectrometers configured for Raman spectroscopy applications that can record Raman spectrum of different liquid, solid, or powder samples. Raman spectroscopy is becoming an increasingly important spectroscopic tool for analytical chemistry. Raman spectroscopy is one of the underutilized techniques in undergraduate chemical education. Cost is a primary reason. Holmarc LRS218 Raman spectrometer is a low cost solution for measuring Raman spectrum.

System include cooled CCD array detectors for 532nm Raman or 785nm Raman (other wavelengths available on request). Coupled with a laptop computer and our Spectra LRS software, a user can quickly collect a Raman spectrum.

        Spectrometer Type :     CT216
        Design :     Czerny Turner
        Diffraction Gratings :     1200 g/mm
        Optical Resolution :     2 cm-1
        Signal to Noise :     500 : 1
        Detector Type :     Cooled Line CCD
        Number of pixels :     3648 pixels
        Digitizer :     16 Bit
        Integration Time :     0.1 to 6500 ms
        Power Consumption :     < 10 0mA
        Interface :     USB powered
        Spectral Range @ 532 nm :     200 - 2200 cm-1
        Stray Light :     < 0.1 %
        Operating Systems :     WinXP, Vista, Win7 (32 / 64-bit)
        Exposure Times :     1 ms to 60 sec
        Software :     HOLMARC Spectra LRS

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