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Mechanics is the branch of science that deals with the behavior of physical bodies when subjected to forces or displacements and its subsequent effect on their environment. In this section, we are introducing some products which helps to study various properties of solids, liquids and gases.

Contact Angle Meter

Holmarc's Contact Angle Meter (Model No: HO-ED-M-01) is a compact and cost effective CCD based instrument for measuring contact angles of liquids over substrates.

Young's Modulus Apparatus

Holmarc’s Young's modulus apparatus is used to measure the Young's modulus of bar. Young's modulus is a measure of stiffness of an elastic material ...

Lee's Disc Apparatus

Holmarc's Lee's Disc Apparatus is designed for the measurement of thermal conductivity in bad conductors. Thermal conductivity is the property of a material that indicates ...

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