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Holmarc offers different types of metallic coated mirrors for different applications in UV to IR wavelength range. Our high quality mirrors includes; Plano Aluminium Mirror, Plano Silver Mirror, Broadband Metallic Mirrors, Concave Mirrors, Cone Mirrors and 45° Rod Mirrors. Telescopic Primary Spherical and Parabolic mirrors are also available and can be supplied to order. Mirrors with custom sizes and shapes are also available.

Plano Aluminium Mirrors

Aluminium Mirrors offer high reflection throughout ultraviolet, visible and NIR region. The mirror coating consists of an Aluminium layer and a very thin protective coating.

Plano Silver Mirrors

Holmarc's silver coated mirror exhibits high reflectance compared to aluminium coated mirrors. Custom sizes and flatness are available other than standard models.

Concave Mirrors

A concave mirror is a spherical mirror with reflective surface curved inwards. Concave mirrors produce real and virtual images.

Broadband Metallic Mirrors

Broadband metallic mirrors provide high reflectance for a particular wavelength region. Holmarc's broadband metallic mirrors make use of dielectric layers along...

Cone Mirrors

Holmarc’s Cone Mirrors are made from BK7 or equivalent optical glass and are used for 360 degree illumination applications. The cone surface is coated with protective aluminium.

45° Rod Mirrors

Holmarc’s 45° Rod mirrors are made from BK7 or equivalent material and are used to bend laser or image path by 90°. Custom mirrors are available on special request.

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