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Modular Spectrophotometer

Model : HO-SP-SQR-MS200F

Holmarc’s Modular spectrophotometer model no HO-SP-SQR-MS200F is designed for flexible analysis of spectrophotometric applications & angular based thin film transmittance via multimode fibre. This system comes up with Monochromator model no SQR200F, Deuterium & Halogen lamps with power supply unit, spectrophotometric chamber unit, multimode fibre 1500µm with coupling unit & UV enhanced Si photo detector. Holmarc’s customized type spectrophotometer is ease to operation by arranging the spectrophotometer in different modules. Chamber unit can placed either in input /output according to the customer needs. Holmarc’s modular spectrophotometer is easy for cleaning solutions which spill over chamber unit. Customized Software is available with mode selection for lamps & wavelength base scanning.

Light from deuterium lamp (200nm to 380nm) & halogen (380nm to 1100nm) enters to the input slit of the Czerny turner monochromator which collects the light at output slit via multimode fibre which then directs light to the spectrophotometric chamber which detects by the Si photo detector.

        Monochromator :     Czerny Turner Design, 200F Mirrors, grating density : 1200 l/mm, Wavelength range 200-1100 nm, wavelength Resolution : 0.5 nm
        Source :     Halogen - Deuterium combined light source, halogen 12V, 20W
        Fibre :     Multimode 1500 µm, Core glass, Cladding plastic
        Chamber unit :     Rectangular type, With Cuvette holder & Angle based stage unit for thin film slides
        Software :     Customized software


    Ease of Usage - Modules of optical units

    Easy for cleaning of sample chamber

    Mode selection (UV-VIS) scanning for sample analysis

    High stabilized UV enhanced SI photo detector with control box

    Research grade cuvette samples

    Standalone monochromator unit

    High core sized Multimode fibre (with SMA) for light collection

    Mounting & dismantling of cuvette holder & Angle based goniometric sample holder unit.

Deuterium Halogen Source

Holmarc’s Deuterium Halogen source is a specially designed light source that covers 200 nm to 2500 nm wavelength range. In this compact lamp house both Deuterium and Halogen lights are combined to a single optical path using and motorized rotation mechanism. Output port provided with SMA connector for fiber coupling. High quality optical design delivers maximum light coupling to the optical fiber.

    Model No. :     HO-HDL-01
    Wavelength Range :     190 nm - 2.5 μm
    Source :     Deuterium & Tungsten Halogen
    Lamp Wattage :     20W Deuterium & 20W halogen
    Input Voltage :     230 V

This light source can be used as a UV-VIS-NIR source for different spectroscopic applications. Filter holder, shutter, cuvette / sample holder can be provided optionally.

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