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Motorised Shutter

Model : HO-MS-25
25 mm aperture
Precise shutter operation

Precision and Efficiency for Your Optical Systems

Holmarc's HO-MS-25 Motorized Shutter is designed to provide precise and reliable control in your optical systems. With a 25mm aperture and rapid opening and closing speed, this shutter is ideal for a variety of applications requiring accurate light control. Constructed with high-quality aluminium, it ensures durability and lightweight handling. The remote operation and stepper motor movement add to its convenience and precision.

    Aperture Size     25 mm
    Opening and Closing Speed     1 second
    Material Construction     High-quality Aluminium
    Mounting Options     M6 mounting holes for versatile post mounting and height adjustments
    Extended Brass Connector     Ensures reliable and stable connections
    Remote Operated     Convenient control from a distance
    Stepper Motor Movement     Smooth and precise shutter operation
    Controller     Holmarc Stepper Motor Controller
    Software     PC-based programmable software for easy operation
    External Tiger Ports     For advanced control of the shutter

        Optical Experiments : Ideal for precise control of light exposure in laboratory settings.
        Photography : Useful in controlled lighting conditions for capturing high-quality images.
        Laser Systems : Ensures accurate control of laser exposure times in various applications.
        Industrial Automation : Enhances control in automated systems requiring precise timing.

Detailed Specifications

    Shutter Aperture Size : 25 mm

    Shutter Opening and Closing Speed : 1 second

    Material Construction : Aluminium

    Mounting Holes : M6 for post mounting, with various positions for different height adjustments

    Extended Brass Connector

    Remote Operated

    Stepper Motor Movement

    Controller : Holmarc stepper motor controller

    Software : PC based programmable software

    External Tiger Ports : For controlling the shutter


    Holmarc Stepper Motor Controller : Advanced controller for smooth operation.

    PC-Based Programmable Software : User-friendly software for customized programming.

    Extended Brass Connector : For enhanced connectivity and stability.

    Mounting Posts and Hardware : Various options for flexible and secure mounting.

# Check our Controller & Software for more details

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