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Motorized Labjack

MLJ Series
Excellent rigidity and positioning accuracy
Geared stepper motor driven Actuator

Labjacks combine precision height adjustment in a stable design with high load capacity. These Motorized Labjacks provide a rugged height adjustable platform ideal for mounting optomechanical sub assemblies requiring height adjustments. It can be controlled remotely by using a PC or a hand held unit.

The upper and lower mounting plates have M6 tapped holes and clearance slots respectively for general mounting requirements.

        Load capacity    :    Up to 20 kg
        Vertical height adjustment by lead screw.
        Precision roller linear guide way
        Actuator    :    Geared stepper motor
        Parallelism    :    0.1mm for entire travel
        M6 tapped holes on the top at 25 mm grid.
        M6 clearance slots at the base
        Aluminium alloy
        Black Anodized

Model No L (mm) B (mm) H (min, max) (mm) Load capacity (Kg) Drawing Price ($)
MLJ300 - 150 300 150 105, 270 20 595.00
MLJ300 - 250 300 250 105, 270 20 715.00
MLJ300 - 300 300 300 105, 270 20 792.00
MLJ350 - 250 350 250 105, 270 20 734.00
MLJ350 - 300 350 300 105, 270 20 890.00
MLJ350 - 350 350 350 105, 270 20 1019.00

Fig. Motorized Lab Jack Movement Graph

MLJ Series lab jacks offer excellent rigidity and positioning accuracy with high load capacity. It can be used to lift larger assemblies like lasers, microscopes etc. This model uses scissors type design.

Controller for Motorized Lab jack

Model No    :    HO-MPC-1HL

Price    :    $ 900.00

This is a simple electronic device which provides up and down motion control to the motorized lab jacks. Holding down the up and down key will move the platform up or down correspondingly and releasing the key will stop the movement.

The speed can be varied using a control knob provided in the box. The LCD display provided in the control box will display the distance travelled. The Box will be separated from the Lab jack using a cable of length 3 meters. The power input can be 120V or 220V AC depending on requirement.

For more about the Controller, please click here

Vacuum Compatible Labjack

Vacuum compatible lab jacks are used in applications where the height adjustment is required inside vacuum environment.The gear ratio is made in 8:1 which ensures smooth movement. The gear materials are made in bronze which itself is lubricating and require very little grease.There is also an option to move the stage manually using a knob provided in the motor. High vacuum grade cables and motors are used in this series.

We have also provided an option to adopt the vacuum series in manual lab jacks also.To select the required model, please add ‘V’ on the model while choosing. For eg: For opting vacuum compatibility in the motorized model labjack : MLJ 300-150, the model number will be V-MLJ 300-150.

Motorized Labjack 350-250

Model No. MLJ350-250
$ 474.00

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