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Motorized Microscope TM02 - Trinocular

Model No: HO-RMM-TM02

HO-RMM-TM02 is an upright motorized brightfield observation trinocular microscope which is developed for general purpose as well as research applications. This system is equipped with four infinity corrected Long working distance Plan Apochromatic objectives for high resolution imaging. A high-quality ball bearing mounted quadruple rotating turret helps the smooth changing of the objectives. High bright white LED illuminated transmitted Kohler illumination as well as epi-scopic illumination are provided for different type of samples.

Motorized XY sample stage and motorized Z focusing stage with autofocusing technology are provided for the automatic scanning of the samples. A 1/2.5” USB3.0 CMOS 5Mp colour C-mount camera with an image grabbing software is also supplied with the system. The scanning, autofocusing, and stitching operations can be operated from image grabbing software. A hand held unit with a joystick control for XY sample stage and two push buttons for Z focusing stage is also equipped for manual operations of the stages.

    Microscope type :     Upright
    Optical system :     Infinity corrected
    Observation method :     Brightfield
    Total Magnification :     50x - 600X
    Illumination :     Köhler illumination Transmitted light
    Illumination system :     High bright white LED, Intensity adjustable
    Nosepiece :     Quadruple, Motorized rotating turret
    Viewing head :     Sidentopf Trinocular head, 30° inclination, 48 - 75mm IP adjustment
    Eyepiece :     10X wide field (FN20), diopter adjustable, High eye relief
    Camera adapter :     C-mount adapter with 0.37 X reduction lens
   Microscope Objectives
   (Plan Achromatic)
:     1. Plan Achromatic 4X, NA = 0.1, WD = 19.37
      2. Plan Achromatic 10X, NA = 0.25, WD = 6.851 mm
      3. Plan Achromatic 20X, NA = 0.40, WD = 1.041 mm
      4. Plan Achromatic 40X, NA = 0.60, WD = 0.67 mm
      5. Plan Achromatic 60X, NA = 0.75, WD = 0.496 mm
      6. Plan Achromatic 100X, NA = 0.85, WD = 0.4 mm
    Z Focusing :     Motorized with Autofocusing
    Sample Stage :     Precision Motorized stage, Travel = 75mm x 75mm
    Stage Encoder :     Linear stage encoder on XYZ stages
    Condensor :     Manual, Abbe continous condenser with iris diaphragm suited for 5x plan achromatic to 60x achromatic objectives
    Software :     RMM V_01 = Image grabbing,scanning, autofocusing, stitching operation, Illumination Intensity controls
    Provision for manual operation :     Using hand held unit with a joystick control for XY sample stage and two push buttons for Z focusing stage
    5” LCD touch screen :     Objective selection, Illumination intensity controls
    Power Input :     230V 50Hz


        Motorized stages
        Automatic scanning
        Image stitching
        Particle counting and measurement software

        Particle analysing
        Cell counting
Camera Specifications

    Sensor :     1/2.5” CMOS Color camera
    Sensor size :     5.7mm x 4.28mm
    Resolution :     2592 x 1944 (5MP)
    FPS :     10fps @ 2592 x 1944 resolution
    Pixel size :     2.2um x 2.2um
    Scan type :     Progressive scan
    Shutter type :     Electronic rolling shutter
    Exposure time :     109us ~ 3000ms
    Data format :     8 bit RAW, 12 bit BMP
    Sensitivity :     1.76 V / lux - sec
    Spectral range :     380 - 650 nm
    SNR :     38.5 dB
    Wide dynamic range :     67.7 dB
    Interface :     USB 3.0
    Lens mount :     C-mount
    Size :     ~ 44 x 44 x 39 mm

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