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Motorized Polarizer Rotator

Slow speed high resolution
Angular Resolution 0.01 degree
Stepper Motor is used as actuator

In this model, worm gear drive is used for increased resolution and positioning accuracy. Stepper motor is the actuator, hence maximum speed is limited to 8° per second. Resolution is more than 0.01° where as repeatability is 0.05°. Corrosion free materials like stainless steel, brass and aluminium alloy are used for construction. Various adaptors are available for small size optics and prisms on request.

Note : Controller & Software sold separately.

        Positioning accuracy  :  0.01 degree
        Maximum speed  :  8 degree / sec
        Minimum continues speed  :  0.0125 degree / sec
        Maximum optic size  :  50mm / 2”
        Optic holding  :  by threaded ring
        Thread  :  HM-2
        Adapters available as per request
        Free rotation dial with magnetic lock for stetting fast axis
        Optical limit switch for home sensing
        Hand wheel for manual movement
        Stepper motor for computer control movement
        Controller with software for computer controlling
        Additional handheld unit or joysticks available as per request

Model No Optic Size Thread Resolution Speed Price $
MPR-SSHR-50 50 mm / 2" HM2 0.01 degrees 8 degree / sec 500.00
AD-SSHR-25 25 mm / 2" Adapter HM1 - - 42.00
            Single axis controller    # Controller sold separately 900.00

Controller details

A Windows software is supplied along with the controller which can be used for moving the rotator to the reference position (Home) and also to set different angular positions from the reference point.

Also, the low level command codes for controlling the rotator will be provided using which the user can develop his own software in his programming language of choice.

The PC interface is serial (RS232). A USB to serial converter will be supplied to connect the controller to a USB port, in case a serial port is not available.

Note : Controller & Software sold separately.

Instruction Set

    Home  :  Moves the stage of the axis specified towards home.

    Move  [displacement]  :  Moves the stage for the specified displacement in Microns.

    Wait  :  Incorporates a delay.

    Speed  :  Set the speed in microns/second. One step is the resolution of the axis.

    Trigger IN  :  The program waits for an external trigger which is a TTL pulse applied through the Trigger Input on the front panel of the controller.

    Trigger OUT  :  The controller output a trigger which is a TTL pulse of 50 millisecond width.

    Loop  [index, address]  :  The program loops index times from the address specified.

    Reset  :  Resets the position displays of the axis specified to zero.

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