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Motorized Rotation Stage

MRSC Series
0.001 mm Resolution
0.01 mm Positioning Accuracy

These stages are suitable for applications where positioning needs to be automated. The drive mechanism consists of worm and gear assembly perfectly matched to minimize play and backlash. There is an access hole through the center of the stage for illumination from underneath or for similar purposes.

Radial play is eliminated by the use of preloaded thrust bearings. Stepper motor is used as the electrical actuator and is connected to the worm. Shaft of the stepper motor is connected to a rotating knob for manual adjustments, whenever required. Top surface of the stage is provided with tapped holes and base with counter bored holes for mounting. Standard stages are manufactured in aluminium alloy and finished by black anodizing. The stage can be manufactured in stainless steel and mild steel with the required finish.

        360º rotatable
        Fine rotation < 1 arc min.
        Up to 500 Kg load capacity
        Double bearing design
        Precision worm gears
        M6 / M8 mounting holes
        M6 / M8 / M12 C’bored holes
        Aluminium / steel material

    Pre loaded rolling contact bearings are used to minimize friction and to eliminate play

    Driven by precision worm gear assembly

    Graduated rotary scales are provided for visual reference of positions

    Can be fitted to our motorized linear stages for multi axis configurations

    Custom stages can be constructed out of aluminium, steel and SS depending on the application

    Custom mounting patterns are available for easy integration with other devices

Model No. Top Disc Dia. Through Hole Dia. Load Capacity Drawing Price ( $ )
MRSC 50 50 mm 12 mm 5 Kg -
MRSC 75 75 mm 12 mm 8 Kg -
MRSC 100 100 mm 30 mm 50 Kg -
MRSC 150 150 mm 50 mm 100 Kg -
MRSC 200 200 mm 65 mm 150 Kg -
MRSC 300 300 mm 65 mm 200 Kg -
MRSC 400 400 mm 65 mm 300 Kg -
MRSC 500 460 mm 65 mm 500 Kg -

MRSC Series Motorized Rotation Stage with XY Positioner

Application Idea :

MRSC series rotation stage can be assembled along with XY stage. It can be used to position the rotation stage precisely in X and Y directions.

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