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Active Vibration Isolation System
AVIS Series

HOLMARC active vibration isolation optical table supports contain an isolation system that effectively isolates the optical table from vertical and horizontal vibrations throughout the critical 3 to 50 Hz frequency range since most common large-amplitude sources of vibrations found in laboratories vibrate within this range of frequencies. If the source of compressed air is removed, the Optical Tabletop will lower until it securely rests on the supports and the table will no longer be isolated from floor vibrations.


   Vertical Resonant Frequency : 1.25 Hz
   Horizontal Resonant Frequency : 1.0 Hz
   Vertical Transmissibility at Resonance : 10 dB
   Horizontal Transmissibility at Resonance : 12 dB
   Vertical Transmissibility at 5Hz : -20 dB (90%)
   Horizontal Transmissibility at 5Hz : -24 dB (94%)
   Horizontal Transmissibility at 10Hz : -30 dB (97%)

USB 2.0 CCD Spectrometer
CG216 / CT216 Series

The CG216 & CT216 Series spectrometers are cost-effective high-performance CCD spectrometers designed for interfacing with a personal computer. The standard sensor arrays used in the spectrometer is Toshiba TCD1304DG B/W board-level line CCD camera, based on a single-line, 3648-pixel CCD chip. The array driver electronics are developed by Holmarc and have been designed for highly sensitive yet stable operation.


   New compact, custom-configured models
   Can be handheld or securely mounted
   Flexible optical input direct to slit or via fiber
   Designed for a wide range of applications
   High performance optics & electronics
   Standard design allows up to 200-1050nm range

Laser Raman Spectrometer
HRRS 216R2

Holmarc’s new series of updated cooled CCD spectrometers configured for Raman spectroscopy applications can perform quick identification of a variety of liquid, solid, or powder samples. It has been developed to meet the needs of Material Science, Manufacturing and Biochemistry offering a high quality optical system which can be fully customized for use with fiber-optic probes or an optional microscope with spatial resolution down to 20 μm. Spectra Software simplifies data collection and analysis.


   Spectrometer D / f : 1 / 6
   Grating : 1200L / mm
   Entrance slit : 0 - 2mm adjustable
   Wavelength Range : 320 - 1050nm
   Raman Spectrum : 200 - 4000 cm-1
   Output Power : > 200mW variable power
   Resolution : ≤ 2cm-1 at 532nm

Theta 2 Theta Advanced Spectrophotometer
SPA216 Series

HOLMARC Theta 2 Theta Spectrophotometer is useful tool for characterizing the absorption, transmission, and reflectivity of a variety of scientifically important materials, such as pigments, coatings, windows, and filters. Automated theta 2 theta goniometer tool is used for variable angle spectroscopy, measuring absolute reflectance and transmittance of samples at different angles for characterization of the optical or electronic properties of materials.


   Optimised design for optical characterization
   Ideal for reflectance, transmission, absorption and optical density measurements.
   Design optimized for low stray light.
   Interchangeable holders for solid, liquid and thin film samples.

Faraday Modulator
Polarization Modulation

In Faraday Effect, the phase modulation of two mutually perpendicular components of linearly polarized light results into polarization modulation, which is then transformed into Amplitude Modulation by analyzer. The magneto-optic modulators are based on the rotation of optical polarization as light propagates along the magnetic field in a material, by the Faraday effect.

The optical Specifications

   Faraday Rotator Glass : MR3-2 glass
   Absorption coefficient : < 0.002 / cm at 1064nm
   Transmission: ≥ 86% without AR coating
   Bulk laser damage threshold for material : > 25 (Joules/cm²) at 1064nm, 10ns pulses

Dual Pump Nano Fiber Electrospinning Unit
Model No: HO-NFES-043C

In this model Electro-spinning equipment features two syringe pumps on both sides of the rotating collector drum.
The distance between the syringe and drum can be adjusted. The speed, direction, travel and dispensing rate can be changed on both syringe pumps. Using this technique helps the end user to increase the production rate of nano fibers as well as two different materials can be spun simultaneously.
It is used to make nano and micro fibers ranging from 50nm to 5 microns in diameter. Many kind of polymers like Protein nanofibers, carbon nanotubes, inorganic nanofibers etc. can be synthesized using our nano fiber electrospinning unit.

Key Features

   Built-in Arc Protection Circuit
   Coaxial spinneret: Our Nano fiber electrospinning unit equips Coaxial spinneret which helps to produce Hollow nanofibers and Core / Sheath nanofibers. This technology can also be used to combine different characteristics of each polymer into one fiber.
   Graduation scale provided on the granite surface in X & Y direction which helps the end-user to achieve repetitive results by marketing the positions of syringe pump and target.

Nano Fiber Electrospinning Unit with Horizontal & Vertical Spinning
Model No: HO-NFES-043

Holmarc's (HO-NFES-043 model) Electro-spinning equipment is a compact version for Nano fiber Electro spinning.
Motorized XY movement provided for the needle tip. The needle tip can be arranged in horizontal or vertical fashion for spinning. Collector bowl for liquid targets is also provided along with the system.
It is used to make nano and micro fibers ranging from 50nm to 5 microns in diameter. Many kind of polymers like Protein nanofibers, carbon nanotubes, inorganic nanofibers etc. can be synthesized using our nano fiber electrospinning unit.

Key Features

   Cabin Heating : Upto 45°C using 1000 watt coil heater
   The chamber is provided with Residual Charge Discharge Stick which is used for static removal.
   Safety switch provided to switch off H.V. Power supply when door is opened.
   LED cabin lighting and back light to view Needle tip and electro spin process.
   Exhaust fan is provided for solvent vaporization. It is also used for cooling down the equipment after spin process.

SILAR Coating System with Stirrer
Model No: HO-TH-03A8

This model has a motorized substrate holder which can be used to stir the solution. In this model eight beakers placed in a circular arrangement about the rotation axis of sample dipping arm. There will be heating plate for each of the beakers. Maximum diameter of hot plate surface on each of these 8 positions will be three inches. By rotating the substrate along with the holder at desired speed, the solution can be kept stirred during the dipping process. The rotation speed is programmable from 1 - 200 rpm.


   Actuator : Stepper motor
   Drive mechanism : Lead screw
   Dip duration : 0 - 99 sec / min / hrs
   Number of dips : 1 - 999
   Hot plate temperature : 30°C - 200°C
   Stirrer speed : Adjustable 1 rpm - 200 rpm
   PC connectivity : Serial port (RS 232)

Silar Coating System with Magnetic Stirrer & Air-tight Chamber
Model No: HO-TH-03BV

It contains an air-tight chamber with a service window and an operating window. The unit provides inlet and outlet valves for inert gas purging. This helps to protect samples from moisture or oxygen exposure at the end of the coating process. It provides four separate platforms to place coating solutions each with magnetic stirrer.


   Actuator : Stepper motor
   Drive mechanism : Lead screw
   Dip duration : 0 - 99 sec / min / hrs
   Number of dips : 1 - 999
   Stirrer speed : 1 - 1000 rpm
   PC connectivity : Serial port (RS 232)

Multiple Dip Coater
Model No: HO-TH-02MD

Holmarc’s Multiple Dip Coater comes with six beaker holders and provision to mount a high temperature furnace. A quartz tube furnace can be mounted vertically and its temperature can be set up to 1200°C. The substrate holder is made of Molybdenum to withstand the high temperature. The dip-coating solution and the furnace are positioned in a circle about a rotating arm of the dip coater. Hence, it is possible to coat different solutions alternatively, with heating in furnace in between them.


   Actuator : Servo motor
   Drive mechanism : Lead screw
   Speed control : Available
   Power input : 230V, 50Hz
   PC connectivity : Serial port (RS 232)
   Drawing speed : 2 micron / sec - 9mm / sec
   Dip duration : 0 - 99 sec / min / hr
   Dimension of Furnace : 250 mm Dia x 300 H

Dip Coating Unit with Touch Screen Interface
Model No: HO-TH-01T

Holmarc’s Dip Coating Unit with Touch screen Interface delivers an optimized performance and smart technology. Model: HO-TH-01T, features 4.5 inch LED touch screen display . A user can easily input or control all the process parameters through simple or multi-touch gestures by touching the screen. The touch screen enables the user to interact directly with what is displayed, rather than using a keypad. Moreover it can be controlled through a computer. All other features are same as that of Model: HO-TH-01.


   Actuator : Servo motor
   Drive mechanism : Lead screw
   Speed control : Available
   Power input : 230V, 50Hz
   PC connectivity : USB Interface
   Stroke length max. : 100mm
   Drawing speed : 2 micron / sec - 9mm / sec
   Dip duration : 0-99 sec / min / hrs
   Interface : 4.5 inch LED Touch screen

Spin Coating Unit with UV curing system
Model No: HO-TH-05C

In this model of spin coater, UV LED curing system is used whenever there is a need for curing and drying of coatings. It also provides gases purge facility for additional supply of gases inside the chamber. Vaccum Chucks provide flat, rigid surface for mounting substrates of different sizes and shapes. There is an adaptor to fix petri dishes of sizes ranging from 30 mm to 100 mm diameter.

The system has a user friendly front panel with keyboard and LCD display. The programs are easy to set up with upto 9 steps per program.


   Actuator : Brushless DC motor
   Spinning speed : 60 - 9999 rpm
   Substrate diameter : 30 mm to 70 mm
   Read out : 20 x 4 line LCD
   Acceleration : 5 - 2000 rpm / sec
   Spinning Speed Accuracy : < 5%
   Maximum no of steps : 9
   Gas inlet port : 6mm diameter

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