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Optical systems

Tube Lens

Holmarc’s HO-TBL-200 has 200mm focal length and is designed use with infinity corrected microscope objectives.

Beam Expanders

Holmarc beam expanders provide accurate, unobstructed and achromatic expansion of any collimated input source and are easy to use.

Variable Beam Expanders

Holmarc’s variable beam expanders are based on Galilean design. This 5-element diffraction limited design allows continuous beam expansion within the specified range.


Condenser is a combination of lenses with short focal lengths used for concentrating a light source onto a small area. The lenses are mounted in a black anodized aluminium casing.

Fiber Collimators / Focusers

Our Fiber collimators/focusers are designed for laser applications which require pure Gaussian beam. Holmarc Fiber Collimators are available from 5mm to 40mm aperture size.

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