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Multi Axis Translation Stages

XYZ Compact Translation Stage - Model : XYZCTS50

    Single side control
    10mm travel for X axis

XYZ Compact Translation Stage - Model : XYZCTS65

    15 mm travel for XY axis
    15 mm travel for Z axis

XYZ Compact Translation Stage - Model : XYZCTS90

    25 mm travel for X axis
    10 mm travel for Z axis

XYZ Compact Translation Stage

In these stages, the mounting surface is vertical as shown in the picture. All the three axes have pre-loaded rolling contact...

XYZ Positioner

In these stages, mounting surface is horizontal as obvious from the photograph. All drive micrometers are arranged along adjacent sides for ergonomical use.

4 Axis Stages

Four axes stages from holmarc are best suited for positioning lasers or optical imaging devices like CCD cameras. The stage has two linear...

Five Axis Positioner

These positioners have three linear stages and two tilt stages. All the five stages have adjustment micrometers for precise positioning.

XYZ Heavy Duty Translation Stages

These translation stages are designed for positioning heavy loads in X, Y and Z directions precisely without play and wobble.

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