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WRSC series Rotation Stages

Aperture platform
Engraved Scale for Accurate Adjustments

In these rotation stages, a through hole is provided at the center . This through hole can be utilized for mounting components or taking out cables through the center. These stages are available in aluminium alloy and stainless steel. Please refer to table describing models for details.

        M6 tapped holes
        Precision worm gear drive
        Minimum back lash
        Angular resolution - 0.1°
        360° continous motion
        Black anodized finish

WRS series Rotation Stages

In these stages, top rotating surface is plain without any center through hole. There are tapped holes provided on this top surface for mounting components and devices.

Material : Aluminium

Model No. Load Capacity Drawing Price ( $ )
WRSC-100 30 Kg 712.00
WRSC-150 80 Kg 1107.00
WRSC-200 150 Kg 1464.00
WRSC-300 300 Kg 2223.00
Material : Stainless Steel

Model No. Load Capacity Drawing Price ( $ )
SS-WRSC-50 -   Get Quote
SS-WRSC-75 -   Get Quote
SS-WRSC-100 30 Kg Get Quote
SS-WRSC-150 80 Kg Get Quote
SS-WRSC-200 150 Kg Get Quote
SS-WRSC-300 300 Kg Get Quote

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