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XYZ Compact Translation Stage

Model : XYZCTS65

This stage is designed and constructed to be compact and to be suitable for space restricted applications. Unlike our TS series modular stages, these stages are factory assembled as a three axes positioner. Micrometers or lead screws can be used for driving the stage.

All the driving adjustment lead screws/micrometers are fixed on one side for ergonomical positioning control. M6 tapped holes are provided on top and bottom for mounting purpose. A base plate need to be used for mounting on to breadboards and optical tables.

        15 mm travel for XY axis
        15 mm travel for Z axis
        65 x 65 mm top size
        75 mm minimum height, 90mm maximum height
        3 kg load capacity
        Straight line accuracy    :    0.010 mm
        Precision micrometer driven
        M6 mounting holes
        Base mountable

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