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Piezoelectric Probe Station

Model No: HO-PZPSM-T01C

Piezoelectric probe station will be used for measurement of piezoelectric signal of vibration energy harvesting device structures. The piezoelectric probe station comprises of (i) piezoelectric probe station main body frame, (ii) chucks, (iii) piezoelectric attenuator holder with micromanipulator, (iv) trinocular microscope, (v) micromanipulators with probe tips, (vi) sample holder and other essential accessories mounted on the main body frame.

1. Piezoelectric probe station main body frame (1 No.)

The main body frame of piezoelectric probe station has the provisions for mounting the piezoelectric attenuator holder with micromanipulator, trinocular microscope, micromanipulators and base plate. The base plate has sufficient area to accommodate at least four micromanipulators at the same time. The arrangement of base plate and the vacuum chuck / hot chuck will facilitate easy landing of the probe tip on the sample placed on the vacuum chuck / hot chuck. Base plate is compatible with micromanipulators with magnetic base. The main body frame allows desired free movement of the vacuum chuck / hot chuck stage in X-YZ direction. The base unit is rigid and sturdy structure with M6 tapped holes for table top operation.

2. Chucks

Chucks have a X-Y-Z translation stage with XYZtravel of 50 mm x 50 mm x 10 mm. Chucks are complete electrical and thermal isolation from the base unit. Chucks will have a leakage current of 100 pA or less. Two types of chucks, one vacuum chuck and one hot chuck are available with this product.

a. Vacuum chuck (1 No.)

Vacuum chuck is gold coated with a diameter of 100 mm. Vacuum chuck has provision holding the sample firmly on the chuck through a vacuum pump.

b. Hot chuck (1 No.)

Temperature range: room temperature to 300°C with resolution ≤ ±1°C.

Diameter : 100 mm

Hot chuck has gold coated surface. A digital temperature controller unit with digital display is supplied with allnecessary cables and accessories.

Hot chuck can be able to maintain the temperature at the set point for ~ 6 hours with a temperature stability ≤ ±1°C.

3. Piezoelectric attenuator holder with micromanipulator (1 No.)

A micromanipulator with a holder can hold a attenuator of 500 gm weight Micromanipulator have XYZ travel of 10 × 10 × 10 mm with resolution 10 um. addition, micromanipulator should have provision for screw tightened mechanical fixing on the platen. A rigid insulating rod made of insulating material (Peek) is provided to integrate with attenuator through M6 tapped hole.

Two types of such a rigid insulating rods (made of Peek) are provided with the system.

a) In type 1, one end of the rigid insulating rod (made of Peek) has a thread suitable for integrating with M6 slot (10 mm depth) of the attenuator. The other end of the insulating rod has a slot for fixing spring-loaded gold coated pogo tips using metallic screw and suitable wiring for taking electrical connection to the SMU. Pogo tips with round flat tips of diameter 1 mm (10 Nos), 1.5 mm (10 Nos) and 2 mm (10 Nos) diameter are available with the system. 10 nos of insulating rods made of Peek are provided with the system.

b) In type 2, insulating rods (made of Peek) are spring loaded and one end of the spring loaded rigid insulating rod (made of Peek) has a thread suitable for integrating with M6 slot (10 mm depth) of the attenuator. But, the other end of the insulating rod has round flat and polished surface with different diameters 1 mm (10 Nos), 1.5 mm (10 Nos) and 2 mm (10 Nos).

4. Trinocular microscope with camera (1 No.)

A trinocular microscope with provision of rotational and translational motion is provided for viewing the working area and to place the probe tip on the surface of the sample easily. One windows based display system with suitable software is provided to view and save the sample images. The microscope has the following specifications:

    Optical system :     Infinity corrected (200mm tube lens)
    Observation Method :     Bright field
    Illumination :     Reflected (Co-axial and Angled)
    Illumination system :     High bright white LEDs
    Nosepiece :     Revolving, quadruple with positive precision click stops
    Viewing head :     Siedentopf Trinocular head, 30-degree inclination, 48 - 75 mm IP adjustment
    Eyepiece :     Wide field eyepiece, 10X, FN = 20mm, dioptre adjustable.
    Focusing :     Manual


    Objectives :     Plano apo 5X
    NA :     0.18
    WD :     40 mm (FOV eyepiece = 4 mm, FOV CCD = 1.31 x 0.984 mm)
    Magnification :     50X @ eyepiece and 5X @ Camera

Camera specifications

    Sensor size :     1/2.5" CMOS Color
    Active imager size :     6.55 mm (H) X 4.92 mm(V)
    Maximum resolution :     2048 x 1536 (3 Mp)
    FPS :     10 FPS @ full resolution
    Pixel size :     3.2 x 3.2 um
    Scan type :     Progressive scan
    Shutter type :     Electronic rolling shutter
    Exposure time :     0.047 ms - 3000 ms
    Data format :     8bit RAW, 24bit BMP
    Sensitivity :     > 1.0 V / Lux - sec (550 nm)
    Spectral range :     380 - 650 nm
    SNR :     43 dB
    Wide dynamic range :     61 dB
    Definition :     > 850 Lines
    Exposure mode :     Auto / Manual / Area
    White balance :     Manual / One-time / Area / Auto
    Image format :     RAW / BMP / JPG / PNG
5. Micromanipulator with probe tips (2 Nos)

The micromanipulators are used for fine movement and placement of the probe tips precisely on the sample for electrical measurements. Among two micromanipulators, one is left hand operated and other one is right hand operated for easy movement of the tips on the sample The micromanipulators have following specifications :

1) Independent XYZ travel : 10 x 10 x 10 mm

2) Resolution - 10 μm; Leakage current - 100 pA

3) The probe tip holder fixed firmly on the micromanipulators with the help of screw lock. The probe tip holder has a suitable mechanism for fixing the probe tips firmly on it. The probe tip holder is completely electrically isolated from the micromanipulators, base plate and base unit of the piezoelectric probe station. The probe tip holdersare able to perform low DC and AC (frequency up to 1 MHz or higher) current measurements.

4) Gold coated Tungsten tips (Qty - 10 Nos.) of tip diameter : 50 μm, compatible with the quoted tip holder of micromanipulator is provided in box / packet.

5) Micromanipulators have the provision to make electrical connections from probe tips to the Optical Measuring Instruments such as source measure unit (SMU) and C-V meter.

6. Sample holder (1 No.)

Sample holder is used for electrical measurements of metal oxide pellets of diameters 8 mm to 15 mm diameter and thickness 1 mm to 5 mm. The sample holder consists of two parallelelectrodes, one of which is fixed in position and the other one is movable to get contact with the sample by adjustment of a micrometer. Contact tips of electrodes are flat rounded and made of copper with proper wiring to connect to SMU. These contact tips are isolated from the body of the sample holder. Contact tips of diameters 5 mm, 7 mmand 9 mm are supplied with the system.

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