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Polarizer Rotator/Wave Plate

Rotator With Fast Axis Dial

Rotation angle adjustment dial
M6 Tap hole for Post Mounting

This polarizer mount provides continuous 360° rotation with 0.5 degree resolution within vernier scale. Outside surface is knurled to ensure grip while positioning. There is M6 tapped hole at the bottom for post mounting. Fast axis of the mounted wave plate can be set to the desired reading with the help of a dial which is rotatable independently.

        Able to set fast axis dial
        360 degree continuous rotation
        0.5 Degree resolution
        Suitable 1" and 2" optics
        Suitable for wave plates & polarizing optics
        For smaller optics, adapters can be used
        Post mountable with M6 screws
        Aluminium alloy & black anodized finish

Model No Optic Size Thread Depth Thread Type Drawing Price $
PMC - FA - 25 1" or 25 mm 15 mm HM1 102.00
PMC - FA - 50 2" or 50 mm 17 mm HM2 130.00

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