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Polarizing Optics


Linear Film Polarizers

Commercial-quality film polarizers are available. These linear polarizers have 25% transmittance for unpolarized light.

Wave Plates / Retarders

Multiple - Order Wave Plates

Holmarc’s Multiple-Order Wave Plates are made from laser grade quartz crystal. These are designed to give retardance of several full waves, plus the required fraction.

Zero - Order Wave Plates

Zero order wave plates are made by combining two multiple - order wave plates with their optical axis aligned perpendicular to each other.

Cemented True Zero - Order Wave Plates

Holmarc’s Cemented True Zero-Order wave plates are made of BK7 or equivalent substrate and a true zero-order wave plate.

Fresnel Rhomb Retarders

Fresnel Rhomb retarders give half-wave or quarter-wave retardation nearly independent of wavelengths.

Soleil - Babinet Compensator

Soleil - Babinet Compensators are zero order wave plates with variable retardation over a wide range of wavelengths.

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