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Holmarc offers different types of Reflective and Dispersive prisms. Dispersive prisms are used to separate the light into its constituent spectral colors, while reflective prisms are used to reflect, invert, rotate, deviate, or displace the light beam. Our prisms are available in different high quality substrates for UV, Visible, and NIR spectral regions. Custom specified prisms are also available.

Right Angle Prisms

Right Angle Prisms are used to re-direct a beam of light at 90 degrees from the incident direction or used as 180° beam retroreflector.

Dove Prisms

Dove Prisms rotate an image without deviating the beam in such a way that the image rotates at twice the angular rate of the prism.

Penta Prisms

Penta Prisms deviate an input beam by precisely 90°.In imaging applications Penta Prism will neither invert nor reverse the image.

Equilateral Prisms

Equilateral Prisms are available from Holmarc either uncoated or with single layer anti-reflection coating on the faces.

Wedge Prisms

Wedge prisms find applications in steering light beams. Two wedge prisms of equal power, used together can steer input light beams within a narrow cone.

Pellin Broca Prisms

Pellin Broca prism is a constant (90°) deviation dispersive prism. These prisms separate light beam of multiple wavelengths to single wavelength.

Littrow Prisms

Holmarc’s Littrow prisms are 30° - 60° - 90° prisms made from N-BK7 material. The uncoated littrow prisms are used to disperse white light into its spectrum.

Corner Cube Retroreflectors

Holmarc’s Corner cube retroreflectors are made from N-BK7 and are designed to deviate incident beam by 180 degrees independent of the incident angle.

Rhomboid Prisms

Rhomboid prism can be used to displace the optical center line and the displacement is equal to the length of the prism.

Amici Roof Prisms

Amici roof prisms are also known as roof prisms. It consists of a right angle prism whose hypotenuse has been replaced by a 90° TIR roof.

Schmidt Prisms

The aluminized roof surfaces enhance the overall efficiency of the prism and the high accuracy roof angle tolerance increases the prism resolution.

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