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Quantum Efficiency
Measurement System - VIS IR

Model: HO-SC-QE-C1

The spectral responsivity or quantum efficiency (QE) is essential for understanding current generation, recombination, and diffusion mechanisms in photovoltaic devices. PV cell and module calibrations often require a spectral correction factor that uses the QE. The quantum efficiency in units of electron - hole pairs collected per incident photon is computed from the measured spectral response in units of amperes per watt as a function of wavelength. Model HO-SC-QE is integrated with 50W Tungsten Halogen lamp with housing, optics, power supply and an easy to use software with capability to measure the spectral response and quantum efficiency of solar cell at the wavelengths from 400nm to 1200nm.

System includes a sample stage, capable of accommodating samples up to 50 mm diameter and probes to contact the sample. Light is normally incident on the sample. Fixed frequency chopper and lock in amplifier are used for modulating the light at a frequency of 400Hz for measuring spectral response. Wavelength resolution of monochromator is 0.1nm. Illumination area can be adjusted using lens assembly system.

It can also be used for characterization / measurement of the imaging systems (cameras) and other detectors in terms of linearity range, spatial non-uniformity of response (the variation of responsivity across the active area of a detector) etc.


    Parameters     SR (Spectral Response)
    EQE (External Quantum Efficiency) OR IPCE (Incident Photon to Current Efficiency) in both AC and DC
    Spectral Reflectance
    IQE (Internal Quantum Efficiency)
    Wavelength range     350 nm to 1500 nm
    Spot Size on the sample     Variable within 1 mm x 1 mm to 3 mm x 3 mm
    Shape of spot will be rectangular as per the design of instrument.
    Light Sources     Single Quartz halogen lamp to cover the whole wavelength range
    Constant current power supply
    Proper housing for light source will be provided
    Monochromator     Czerny Turner Configuration
    Slit Size     Slit Height - should be as per optics requirement
    Slit Width - variable (at least 0.15 to 2.5 mm)
    Bandwidth     5 nm or better
    Grating     Dual grating turret
    600 lines / mm (Blazing wavelength : 1250nm) & 1200 lines / mm (Blazing wavelength : 500nm) gratings
    Wavelength Accuracy     0.5 nm or better
    Wavelength Scan Step size     1 nm to 10nm adjustable using software
    Filters     Suitable combination of long pass and band pass filters to reject and allow light for high signal to noise ratio and to remove second order light peaks with multi position filter wheel will be provided.
    Selection, Switching and moving of grating, filters etc. will be auto control by software to cover entire measurement range
    Optical Chopper with lock in amplifier     Optical chopper for AC measurement with control module will be provided
    Chopper Frequency : ( adjustable software ) from 20Hz to 200Hz
    Arrest option for DC mode measurement (i.e. 0 Hz)
    Optical sensor to provide feedback to the lock-in amplifier circuit
    Reflectance Measurement
    Integrating Sphere for reflection measurement for whole measurement range
    Diameter of integrating sphere ≥ 4 inch
    Integrating Sphere will have its separate calibrated detector for measurement in complete spectral range
    Facility to insure the spot size on the same location of the sample as during the EQE measurement will be provided
    Integrating sphere will be able to accommodate the sample of 1cm x 1cm to 5cm x 5cm such that probe beam (or light spot) can be placed at any selected location of the sample. Port reducer will be provided with integrating sphere as per requirement
    Adjustable lens to vary the focal length of the beam, so that same focal length can be set at both EQE and reflectance measurements
    Reference Detectors     Two photodiodes for calibration covering the whole measurement range
    Calibration values taken from the spectral response curves provided in the datasheets of the photodiodes
    Reference Cell     Reference solar cell traceable to NREL calibration with EQE data for QE testing and calibration purpose
    Voltage bias capabilities for sample     Variable from -5V to +5V (selectable) for biasing the sample during the measurement will be provided with all proper connections and integration
    Step size or resolution of 0.1V
    Sample Holder     Sample holder will be designed to accommodate and measure the rigid and flexible sample of size from 1cm x 1cm (or less) to 5cm x 5cm (or more) with thickness from 0.5mm to 3mm
    Sample holder will be designed to connect both the probes in front-front, front-back and backback; all the three contact configuration on the sample
    Micro positioners with spring loaded hemispherical tips     At least 2 nos of magnetic based micro positioners (one for positive terminal and one for negative terminal) with precise X,Y,Z movement using nobs in all three directions will be provided with proper spring loaded hemispherical gold coated probe tips and cables to insure proper electrical connections with samples without damaging / penetrating it
    Tips / probes will be mounted properly at appropriate angle to insure the clear path for light beam. However the tilting angle will not be such that tip will slip on sample while placing or tightening
    Length of tip holding rods and movement of X, Y micro positioner will be sufficient to cover the sample of 1cm x 1cm to 5cm x 5cm
    Housing     Complete system including sample will be assembled in a dark light tight enclosure to facilitate all measurements (EQE, reflectance, IQE, SR) without the requirement of a dark room
    Power Requirement     Single phase, 230V, 50 Hz
    One 230V 5A wall socket is required for the device
    Extension box will be provided, if required for multiple connections
        System is completely automatic with software controlled with need for minimum manual intervention for a user friendly operation for data collection, plotting and analysis
        The software also provide the flexibility and ease of use with full manual control over for monochromator, filters, gratings etc. for diagnostic purpose
        Selection of Light source, grating, filters etc. will be auto control by software to cover the whole wavelength range for measurement
        Software is capable of measuring, recording, storing and plotting the EQE, IQE, SR, reflectance data
        Software is capable of plotting multiple graphs together
        Software is compatible with windows 10 operating system
        Measurement range and step size of wavelength during the measurement will be user definable
        Data stored to disc can be directly examined within the supplied software and also can be exported to a text file readable by most third party software packages like MS-excel, Origin etc
        Licensed key of the software will be provided for lifetime

External Quantum Efficiency

Internal Quantum Efficiency



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