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Model : HO-IAD-SG-01

A scattering photometer for measuring the intensity of light scattered by particles has been developed by Holmarc for environmental research. It is a precision instrument designed for scattering and other spectroscopic measure- ments. This goniometer based instrument provide controlled multi angle measurement of particles.

A 100mW laser (532nm) beam is directed first to a linear polarizer and then into a scattering compartment containing the particle under study.

The scattered light is focused onto a APD (Avalanche Photo Diode) detector to generate an electrical signal indicative of the amount of scattered light at that position. The motorized rotation stage helps to take the reading at different angles. The entire operation is automated through a personal computer. Custom developed software and interfacing electronics are supplied along with the system.

Laser source is mounted on a precision rotation stage with central access hole. The stage is driven by stepper motor. Sample is introduced through the center hole of the stage. As the stage along with the laser source rotates, output data from the detector is collected automatically and saved in the computer with reference to the angular position of the rotation stage.

    Material : Aluminium
    Net. Weight : 37 Kg
    Turn Table Dimension : 500 x 500 x 65 mm
    Load Capacity : 150 Kg
    Resolution : 0.01 degree
    Maximum Speed : 10 degree / sec
    Traverse : 280ยบ
    Actuator : Stepper Motor (DPM60SH86-2008AF)
Note : Model : HO-IAD-SG-01 comes with 100mW DPSS 532nm laser with APD Detector. Other laser and detectors can also be integrated with the system on special request.
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