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Solar Simulator & IV Measurement
System with Keithley SMU

Model: HO-SC-IVK

This model comes with a Keithley 2450 SMU, 300W Xenon lamp with housing, optics, power supply and an easy to use software with capability to measure dark and lighted IV characteristics of solar cell. System includes a sample stage, capable of accommodating samples up to 50 mm diameter and probes to contact the sample. Light is normally incident on the sample. Illumination area can be adjusted using lens assembly system.

* Keithley is a trademark of Tektronix Inc.

Datasheet of Keithley 2450 SMU

    Light source :     300W Xenon lamp
    Filter :     Air mass filter (AM1.5G)
    Solar Simulator Class :     A C A
    Spectral Match :     0.75 - 1.25
    Spatial non-uniformity of irradiance :     10 %
    Temporal instability of irradiance :     2 %
    Maximum beam diameter :     50 mm
    Maximum intensity :     1 Sun
    Minimum intensity :     0.7 Sun
    Bias voltage :     +20V to -20V (Max Current : +/-1A) or +200V to -200V (Max Current : +/-100mA)
    Bias voltage resolution :     0.5uV to 5 mV depending on the selected voltage range
    Current measurement range :     0.5pA to 50 uA depending on the selected current range
    Sample size :     Up to 50 mm
    Sample holder with XY motion      

    Quartz Type :     Ozone Free
    Wattage :     300 W
    Luminous Flux :     7000 lm
    Luminous Intensity :     700 cd
    Average Luminance :     27000 cd / cm2
    Regulation Mode :     Constant current with power limit
    Protection :     Open / Short circuit proof, overtemp, over current
Software Features

    Performs IV scanning in user specified range

    Exports the results to spreadsheet file

    Operating system requirement: Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10

    PC Interface: USB

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