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Sources & Detectors

Holmarc manufactures various sources and detectors for conducting experiments in physics and related disciplines. Standard sources and detectors available from Holmarc are listed in this section.

Diode Laser

Holmarc diode laser module consists of a laser diode along with collimating optics enclosed in a metallic case and a power supply with Automatic Power Control (APC).

DPSS Laser

Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS) lasers are more compact and efficient compared to gas lasers. In DPSS lasers, output emission is achieved ...

Lamp Houses

Mercury Vapour Lamp, Sodium Vapour Lamp, Incandescent Lamp

Spectrum Discharge Tubes

Filled with spectroscopically pure gases.The Spectrum Discharge tube comes with a built-in power supply. Two types of power supplies are available.

High Bright LED

Special ultra luminous intensity LED’s are housed in metallic casing for ease of mounting. The collimating lens in front of the LED helps to get focused beam ...

Measurement Devices

Detector Output Measurement Unit measures and displays the current flowing through a detector. It is used for the characteristics study of lasers and other light sources.

Optical Power Meter

Holmarc Optical Power Meter is an instrument designed to measure the optical power of a light beam which has a spot size less than its sensor’s active area (5.8mm x 5.8 mm).

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