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Model : HO-SP-VIS3965

Holmarc spectra analyzer contains a holographic concave diffraction grating and a one-dimensional CCD detector array. It delivers low stray light, low through put and excellent thermal stability for wide range of research and OEM applications. The concave gratings accomplish the task of two optical elements in a single, easily integrated component. The gratings themselves are blazed holographic type, ensuring excellent efficiency and minimum stray-light, compared to standard blazed or holographic gratings. They are formed on precision concave substrates, allowing the grating to serve as both the primary dispersive element and the primary focusing element.

Fig. spectra analyzer VIS 3965 with fiber optic light guide and cuvette holder (Spectrophotometric application)
Concave grating is 600 lines/mm and radius R = 160 mm and the CCD is based on a single-line, 3648-pixel CCD chip with USB2.0 (480 Mb/s) interface. Hence the spectrum is a list of 3648 data numbers, each number representing the number of photons detected by each pixel.

Our spectra analyzer VIS 3965 is a visible spectrometer whose spectral range and low stray light render it especially useful for spectroscopic measurements, while its increased sensitivity and throughput make it ideal for low light level applications. This instrument achieves a spectral resolution of about 0.1nm. It is a compact and highly reliable instrument suited for modern labs.

Spectra analyzer interfaces with a computer via Type-B USB 2.0. The entire power requirement is drawn through the 2.0 Type-B USB Connector. By its two port configuration, two light spectrums can be studied at the same time by assembling one additional variable slit at secondary input port. This helps to upgrade the system whenever required. Wavelength range(200-1100nm) can be split conveniently according to custom requirements. For example Holmarc Spectra Analyzer 3965 works with the wavelength range 390-650nm.

Contact us with the spectral range you need. We will advise on a suitable configuration.

    Dispersion Element : Grating
    Blaze Wavelength : 450 nm
    Diffraction Efficiency : > 50% (Relative)
    Wavelength : 390 - 650 nm
    Groove Density : 600.00 / mm
    Dispersion : 9.80 nm / mm
    Resolution : 0.1 nm
    Input : Micrometer Controlled slit
as well as Fiber Coupled (SMA)
    Sensor Specifications
    CCD Sensor : B/W line Sensor
    Number of Pixels : 3648
    Pixel Size : 8 x 200 micron
    Pixel Output Clock : 0.5 MHZ
    External Trigger : Yes
    GPIO : Yes (4 programmable I/O’s)
    ADC resolution : 16 bits
    Exposure Time Range : 0.1ms - 6,500ms
    Frame Rate : Up to 138 scans / second
    Interface : USB 2.0
    Compatibility : Windows 2000 XP or higher
    Working Modes : Normal and External Mode
    In Normal Mode (Continue mode), the spectrometer does the scanning whenever the software acquires the frame data. While in External mode (Trigger mode), the spectrometer won’t do scanning until there’s an external trigger assertion, note that there must be an external hardware trigger signal input via the Din8 connector while it works in this mode.
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