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Spectra UV-VIS-NIR Thin Film Characterization Unit Print
Model : HO-SP-TCS20110 | HO-SP-TCS20110A | HO-SP-TCSL

The Spectra UV-VIS-NIR Thin film characterization unit Model: HOSP-TCS20110 is a compact stand-alone device from HOLMARC. It is ideally suited for characterizing thin films, liquids and solid samples by lending itself very easily to a wide range of transmission, reflectance and absorption. The mechanics is designed for analyzing thin film coated glass plates.

For optical characterisation we use a dual spectrum of deuterium and halogen lamp, a Czerny-Turner 300m monochromator and silicon photodiode detector.

The system scans whole wavelength range of 29-1100nm. The spectral bandwidth is 1nm and the wavelength accuracy is +/-0.5nm at 546nm. Optical measurements can be done in reflection as well as in transmission.
With Angular measuring Unit Model : HO-SP-TCS20110A

It gives precise measurement of spectral parameters such as reflection, transmission, and optical density in all spectral range of UV, VIS and NIR. Spectral transmission and reflection measurements at any desired angle with a resolution of 0.5° can be carried out with the HO-SP-TCS20110A system. Angles for illumination and measurement can be set independently. Optical fibers are used for connecting the measurement optics with the spectrometer and light source with the illumination optics. The system has provision to add motorized polarizer and analyzer to get the polarization curve of the sample at various angles. All other features remains the same as model HO-SP-TCS20110.

The software developed for this instrument has facilities for setting up and calibration in addition to scanning and manual readout. Scanning is possible for a desired wavelength range too. This feature can save time whenever full wavelength range scan is not necessary. The software saves and displays the data acquired on MS Excel sheet. This helps to plot graph with ease whenever required.

Laser based Measurement Unit Model : HO-SP-TCSL

Model : HO-SP-TCSL is a laser based measuring instrument. It gives precise measurement of parameters such as reflection, transmission, and optical density. Measuring device contains rotary table and detector connected to power meter. Other components such as polarizer or phase plate can be added. Laser devices work at UV: 266nm , 355nm , 375nm VIS: 405nm, 430nm, 435nm, 457nm, 473nm, 501nm, 515nm, 523nm, 526nm, 532nm, 543nm, 556nm, 561nm, 589nm, 593nm, 650nm, 660nm, 671nm and IR: 850nm, 890nm, 914nm, 946nm, 1030nm, 1047nm, 1053nm, 1064nm.

    Model : HO-SP-TCS20110
    Optical path : Czerny-Turner type
    Wavelength Range : 200 - 1100 nm
    Collimating & Focusing mirror : 50 mm dia, 300 F
    Optical Grating : 1200 l/mm
    Grating Size : 50 x 50 mm
    Absolute Diffraction Efficiency : 45 - 65 %
    Slit Width : Continuously Adjustable
    Resolution : 0.1 nm (@ 546nm, 10μm slit width)
    Wavelength Accuracy : ≤ 0.2 nm
    Wavelength Repeatability : ≤ 0.1 nm
    Stray Light : ≤ 10-3
    Reciprocal of Linear Dispersion : 2.7 mm
    Half-Width of Spectral line : ≤ 0.2nm @ 586 nm
Ideal for reflectance, transmission, absorption and optical density measurements.
Optical design optimized for low stray light.
Interchangeable holders for solid, liquid and thin film samples.
Wide range of accessories such as polarizers, filters etc
Fig. Optical Layout of Spectra HO-SP-TCS20110 Thin film characterizations system
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