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Spectrometer - Goniometer

Model: HO-ED-S-02

Holmarc’s Spectrometer Goniometer (Model No: HO-ED-S-02) is designed as a versatile instrument suitable for precise determination of the optical parameters of prisms and gratings. It can also be used as a spectroscope, for qualitative examination and measurement of emission and absorption spectra. This system consists a mercury lamp with power supply and also includes prism with holder and transmission grating with holder.

The collimator and the telescope have a focal length of 202 mm and a diameter of 32mm. The collimator tube has an adjustable slit.

Experiment Examples

    Determine the refractive index of a glass prism

    Demonstrate the relationship between refractive index and wavelength (dispersion curve)

    Calculate the resolving power of the glass prism from the slope of the dispersion curves

    Determine the wavelengths of the mercury spectral lines

    Determine the grating constant of a diffraction grating based on the diffraction angle of the high intensity spectral lines of mercury

    Determine the angular dispersion of a grating

    Calculate the resolving power required to separate the different Hg-Lines


Spectrometer - Goniometer

    Angular scale : 0° to 360° with 0.5° divisions

    Resolution- 1 arc minute

    Focal length collimator - 202 mm

    Variable slit : Micrometer iable 0 - 3mm

    Eye piece Magnification - 10x


    Material : NSF 1 (60°), BK7 1 each

Transmission Grating

    Size (mm) : 38 x 50 mm

    Lines / mm : 500 and 1000 lines / mm

Entrance Slit

    Width of entrance slit 0 – 3 mm


    Prism table attached vernier

    Covered Goniometer scale

    Classic design spectrometer Goniometer

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