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Spectroscopy is the study of interaction between radiation (electromagnetic as well as particle radiation) and matter. Spectrometry is the measurement of these interactions and an instrument that performs such measurements is called a spectrometer or spectrograph. A plot of the interaction is referred to as a spectrogram or informally, a spectrum. It is one of the major tools for analysis of trace metallic elements in industrial and environmental laboratories. Our products in this section review both the modern and classical quantitative methods of spectroscopy.

Spectrometer - Goniometer

Spectrometer-Goniometer is a versatile instrument for studying the spectrum of different light sources as well as for characterization of components like prisms and gratings.

PC Based Constant Deviation Spectrometer

The apparatus uses CCD imaging instead of photographic silver halide films. It has become difficult to carry out silver halide film based spectroscopic experiments in class rooms due to ...

Flame Spectrometer

The apparatus uses linear spectroscopic CCD imaging sensor for precision spectroscopy. CCD imaging of the spectrum is a timely solution. Data acquisition is easy and fast.

Hydrogen Spectra - Balmer Series

This Appartus specially designed for the determination of wavelengths of Balmer series from hydrogen emission spectra and to find the Rydberg constant.

Zeeman Effect Apparatus

Holmarc's Zeeman Effect Apparatus is designed for the determination of e/m ratio, which requires knowledge in optics, mechanics, electromagnetism, modern physics and computer operations.

Laser Raman Spectrometer ( PMT Based )

Laser Raman Spectrometer (Model no: HO-ED-S-06) is primarily meant for post graduate courses in Physics and Engineering. It can be used as a laboratory analyzing tool as well.

Laser Raman Spectrometer ( CCD Based )

Holmarc's CCD Based Laser Raman Spectrometer apparatus (Model No: HO-ED-S-06A) is an apparatus designed for recording Raman spectra of both solids and liquid samples.

Confocal Laser Raman Spectrometer

Holmarc's Confocal Laser Raman Spectrometer couples a Raman spectrometer to a standard optical microscope, allowing highly magnified visualization of a sample

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