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Spin Coating Unit

with Polypropylene body

Model: HO-TH-05GV

Holmarc’s Spin Coater, Model no: HO-TH-05GV is a dedicated tabletop system to spin coat small substrates in research laboratories with well controlled spin process parameters. The high speed and duration range allows the user to achieve the desired thickness or thinness of the film. The spin head actuator is a precision DC servo motor, which requires less maintenance, with accurate speed and acceleration control. A vacuum chuck powered by oil-less vacuum pump holds the substrate at the spinning head.

The device has user friendly front panel having 5 inch touchscreen LCD for programming the spin process. Spin duration, spin speed, acceleration, etc. are all programmable parameters through the front panel. As the program memory is non-volatile, the recorded parameters are not lost in case of any power failure. This model is equipped with a memory for unlimited number of pre-set, editable programs, each having 10 steps.


    Full Polypropylene body

    Glovebox compatible

    Chuck diameters : 14 mm, 22 mm, 36 mm (Outer diameter of the O ring)

    Transparent Safety Lid over the Working Chamber

    Unlimited Program Memory

    User friendly touchscreen interface

    Inlet and outlet for Inert Gas Purging, 6 mm tubing

    User Interface     5 inch Touchscreen Display
    Material of Construction     Polypropelene (Full body, including spinner bowl)
    Detachable display unit
    Glovebox compatible
    Feedthrough connectors available
    Actuator     Brushless DC servo motor
    Program Memory     Infinite number of programs with 10 steps for each program
    Speed Profile     Speed, Duration and acceleration
    Spin Speed     60 - 9999 RPM
    Speed Resolution     1 RPM
    Speed Accuracy     +/- 1 %
    Acceleration / Deceleration     10 - 2000 rpm/s (Ramp and dwell time can be indirectly set by entering acceleration)
    Duration     1 - 99 sec / min / hour for each step
    Sample Chucks     3 Nos. (25 mm, 32 mm & 45 mm)
    Maximum Sample Diameter     100 mm
    Minimum Sample Diameter     13 mm
    Bowl Size     8 inches
    Transparent lid with sample dispensing port
    Drainage hose
    Safety interlock to prevent spinning when the bowl is open
    Sample Holder     PTFE disk with silicon rubber O ring
    Sample Mounting     Secured by vacuum holding
    Vacuum Connector     8 mm dia Snap-in hose connector
    N2 Purge Connector
    Vacuum pump On / Off and release Switch
    Dimensions     274 mm diameter (Without display unit), 277 mm Height
    AC Input     230 V
    Maximum power consumption     260W (With vacuum pump)
Vacuum pump specifications

    Oil free
    Max flow rate :     45 lpm
    Max vacuum :     27 inches Hg
    Max Pressure :     60 psig
    Power :     1/4 hp
    Dimensions :     300 x 130 x 200 mm

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