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Theta 2 Theta Spectrophotometer

Model : SPA-SP300C2

Holmarc’s SPA-SP300C2 Theta 2theta spectrophotometer gives precise measurements of spectral parameters such as reflection, transmission, and Absorption in all spectral range of UV, VIS and NIR. Spectral transmission and reflection measurements at any desired angle with a resolution of 0.1 nm can be carried out with this spectrophotometer. Let us discuss some features of our spectrophotometer with ‘θ - 2θ’ configuration. ‘θ' is the angle between the source and the sample. Where, 2θ is the angle between the incident beam and the detector. The incident angle θ is always half of the detector angle 2θ.In addition to the system configurations, thin film thickness from transmission mode also included in our new system.

For Angle based reflectometry, Initial Angle θ is provided for 15 - 90 degrees and correspondingly 2θ for 30-180 degrees. In Normal incidence transmission mode, we can find the transmission & absorption of colloidal solutions as well as thin film sample transmission and its thickness. For thin film thickness Fresnel equations is used here. Samples must be transparent to create thin film interference. Thickness range from 35 nm to 3500 nm we can use. Two detectors is provided here. In UV-Vis region UV enhanced Si-photon detector is provided for NIR region InGaAs photo detector is used. Automatic control and detection of lamps & sensors is controlled by software.


    Wavelength range     275 - 2400 nm
    Optical system     Czerny Turner
    Wavelength resolution     0.1 nm
    Wavelength Accuracy     ± 0.1 nm
    Transmittance range     0 - 100 %
    Transmittance resolution     0.1 %
    Transmittance Accuracy     ± 0.1 %
    Absorbance range     0 - 2A
    Absorbance resolution     0.001 A
    Reflectance range     0 - 100 %
    Film thickness range     35 - 3500 nm
    Concentration range     0 to 999
    Spectral bandwidth     0.1 nm, 0.5 nm, 1 nm & 5 nm variable bandwidth Operation
    Detector     Si-Photodiode & InGaAs IR detector
    Source     50W Quartz Halegon & 30W deuterium combined source
    Theta 2 theta stage     Goniometer based
    Sample holder     20 x 50 mm size, Custom size Available
    Cuvette holder     10 mm standard cuvette holder
    Angular measurement range     30 - 180 degree
    Input Voltage     230V 50Hz
    Control mode     PC control

System Features

    Specially designed for optical characterization

    Ideal for reflectance, transmission, absorption and optical density measurements

    Design optimized for low stray light

    Interchangeable holders for solid, liquid and thin film samples

Software designed for photometry

    Spectrum Scanning

    Photometric measurements

    Quantitative determination

    Multi component analysis

    Powerful data processing abilities

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