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Tool Maker's Microscope

Model : HO-TMM Series
Multipurpose measuring devices
Ideal for Research & Industrial applications

Holmarc’s Tool Maker’s microscopes are multipurpose measuring devices that are generally used for the examination and measurement of small mechanical and electrical parts or tools. These microscopes are used to view and measure linear distances, thread pitch, thread angles, tool edges, tool wear surfaces etc. and are ideal for photo-lithographic labs, nano-technology labs, and biomedical labs. These microscopes have a cross-hair reticle on the eyepiece that serves as a reference point for making measurements. The measurements are taken by moving the stages, which are equipped with precision micrometres with a resolution of 10microns (or 1 microns). The instrument uses high bright LEDs for both transmitted and flexible arm illuminations. Two objective -2X and 3X- as well as a 10X eyepiece are included with the systems. All the optical elements are coated with broadband multilayer AR fora clear and flare less images.

Holmarc offers three models of Tool maker’s microscopes; HO-TMM-01, HO-TMM-02, and HO-TMM-03. A 25mm x 25mm travel XY stage is used in the HO-TMM-01 mode, where as a 50mm x 50mm travel XY stage is provided in the HO-TMM-02 model. A rotating stage is also included in the HO-TMM-03 model in addition to the XY stage that are driven by digital micrometers with 1-micron resolution.


Model HO-TMM-01 HO-TMM-02 HO-TMM-03
Observation tube Monocular, 30º Inclined, 90º Cross-hair reticle
Observation head Eyepiece protractor, 360º graduated, resolution = 6’ (by Vernier)
Total Magnification 20 X & 30 X 20 X & 30 X 20 X & 30 X
Objectives 2 X & 3 X 2 X & 3 X 2 X & 3 X
\Working distance 67 mm & 60 mm 67 mm & 60 mm 67 mm & 60 mm
Eyepiece 10 X 10 X 10 X
Sample XY stage
Travel 25 mm x 25 mm 50 mm x 50 mm 25 mm x 25 mm
Resolution 10 microns 10 microns 1 microns
Drive Micrometer Micrometer Digital Micrometer
Rotation stage
Travel - - 360º
Resolution - - 0.1º
Bottom Illumination High bright LED, Adjustable intensity
Angled Illumination 2 flexible arm LED, Adjustable intensity
Power supply 230V, 50Hz 230V, 50Hz 230V, 50Hz
Price ($) 1,417.00 1,750.00 2,530.00

        Both transmitted and reflected Illumination intensity can be adjusted.
        Angle measurement is performed easily by turning the angle scale disc to align the cross-hair reticle with the work piece image.
        Bright field observation, clear and flare less image, wide field of view.
        Two XY stages with different travel ranges are available (25 x 25 mm & 50 x 50 mm)
Optional Accessories

Digital Micrometer Head

    (2 Nos. required for XY stage)

    Travel = 25 mm, Resolution = 1 micron
      (Model No. HO-TMM-DM1)


    10X, FN - 13 mm
      (Model No. HO-TMM-E10)

    20X, FN - 10 mm
      (Model No. HO-TMM-E20)


    5X, WD - 33 mm, NA: 0.10
      (Model No. HO-TMM-MO5)

    10X, WD - 14 mm, NA: 0.14
      (Model No. HO-TMM-MO10)

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