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Model No: HO-DTM-01

Holmarc’s traveling microscope Model No. HO-DTM-01 is equipped with a 5MP CMOS color camera instead of an eyepiece. A ring type LED illuminator is provided around the objective for illuminating the objects. The microscope is mounted on a heavy wide base with four point support for extra stability and leveling. The extra wide base can also be used for placing large objects for measurements.

The horizontal X and Y stages are equipped with micrometer head for precise and accurate measurements. Both stages provide 50mm travel with 10 micron resolution. The vertical stage (Z stage) is equipped with 130mm coarse travel and 25mm fine travel with 10 micron resolution. The coarse movement can be done by moving the stage by hand and after locking the stage at a particular position the fine movement can be done by the micrometer head.

The microscope tube is mounted on a rotating arm which is 360 degree rotatable and lockable. A rack and pinion type focusing mechanism is attached to the microscope tube for focusing the objects. The microscope tube is fitted with 3X long working distance objective, ring illuminator and CMOS camera.

An image grabbing software is also provided with HO-DTM-01. With this software the user can select suitable imaging parameters (like resolution, color or monochrome, exposure, etc.) and save it to a computer for later / further analysis.

   Horizontal Movements
   X direction : Micrometer Head
   Travel : 50 mm
   Resolution : 10 microns
   Y direction : Micrometer Head
   Travel : 50 mm
   Resolution : 10 microns
   Vertical Movement
   Z direction : Micrometer Head
   Coarse Travel : 130 mm
   Fine Travel   25 mm
   Resolution : 10 microns
   Rotation : 360 degree (lockable)
   Achromatic Type
   Magnification : 3 X
   Focal length : 60mm
   Broadband AR coated
   Sensor : CMOS Color
   Resolution : 2592 * 1944 pixels (5MP)
   Sensor size : 1 / 2.5”
   Pixel size : 2.2 um x 2.2um
   Frame rate : 6 fps
   Dynamic range : 70.1 d
   Signal noise ratio : 38.1 dB
   Exposure time : 0.058ms to 3000ms
   Sensibility : 1.4 V / Lux - sec
   Spectral range : 380nm – 650nm
   Data interface : USB 2.0
   Shutter : Electronic Rolling Shutter
   Image data format : 8bit RAW format
   operating mode : Continuous
   Base construction : Cast Aluminium
   Focusing : Manual, rack & pinion
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