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UV Ozone Cleaner

Model No: HO-TH-UVT350

Holmarc’s UV Ozone cleaner is designed to remove thin layer of contaminants from sample surfaces under both ambient temperature & in enhancement modes. It is basically a photosensitized oxidation method which uses dry process. The source-Low pressure Hg lamp produces UVC series spectra especially 184.9 & 253.7nm spectral lines acts creator & annihilator of ozone which also used for exciting organic molecules. Overall it have simple to use set up & procedure which gives best results after precleaning. Without any precleaning it gives best results to thick photo resists, pure carbon films & quartz substrates.

    UV lamp type :     High Ozone UV Lamp
    UV lamp wavelength :     185 nm & 254 nm
    Power input :     230V, 50Hz
    Max substrate size :     350 mm x 350 mm
    Duration :     1 - 99 sec / min / hr
    Construction :     Stainless steel
    Sample feeding :     Slide based

    Oxygen inlet port

    Ozone removal pump

    LCD display unit

    Sample temperature measurement feature

    Buzzer for indication completion of cleaning

    Locking feature for locking sample feeding tray to avoid opening during operation

    Wattage : 88W (22 numbers of 4 W tubes in 350 mm x 350 mm size chamber)

Safety Features

Holmarc’s UV ozone cleaner arrives with well suited aluminum chamber which enclosed & blocks harmful UVC radiation from Hg source. A Flush push button close to red sign emergency stop Switch button helps to exhaust all remaining ozone & out gassing gases from tray chamber with the help of blower & additional hose. To avoid the darkening effect of metal sample surface we recommend short time period under UV ozone cleaner.


Substrate cleaning prior to thin film deposition, Manufacturing Quartz crystal resonators for clocks and frequency control which need ultra clean surfaces, Hermetic sealing of metals with non zero forces in ultra high vacuum, Manufacturing of goggles, cleaning of lenses, mirrors, solar panels, removal of photo resists, photo masks, silicon wafers etc.

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