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Vacuum Spray Pyrolysis
Automated Equipment

Model: HO-TH-VSP-500T

Holmarc’s Vacuum Spray Pyrolysis (VSP) system has been designed for advanced research in thin films, especially for solar cell development. This model facilitates the spray pyrolysis to take place in an inert atmosphere using Nitrogen purging. This model comes with Tin bath heater instead of regular stainless steel hot plate. This provides uniform and stable heating to the substrate during the coating process. The system automates various fatigue and error creating processes involved in the technique when performed manually. Moreover, ergonomically designed chamber provides clean and healthy atmosphere suitable for modern lab conditions.

In vacuum spray pyrolysis, material is heated in a vacuum in order to decrease its boiling point and avoid adverse chemical reactions. The energy required to bring the material to its boiling point is reduced and the process becomes more efficient. Use of materials with high melting point becomes possible. This opens up possibilities for the use of materials which could not have been used with the traditional spray pyrolysis process.

The software interface is simple yet flexible enough to create programs for different types of processes like point spray, raster spray, intermittent spray with programmable time delay etc. The flow rate is precisely controlled through the software while the process temperature, which is independently controlled using a PID temperature controller, can be documented for future reference. The control parameters of a process can be saved and recalled for later use.

The default PC interface is RS232C (Serial port). Optionally, USB to Serial converter is supplied to connect the equipment to the USB port of a PC or laptop. The equipment can be customized to have multiple dispensers which facilitates easy switching between different solutions.

Factors affecting bonding and subsequent build up of the coating :


    Surface area

    Surface topography or profile

    Temperature ( thermal energy )

    Time ( reaction rates, cooling rates etc.)


    Physical & chemical properties

    Physical & chemical reactions
Features :

    Masking for multi layer coating

    Hot plate for substrate heating

    Coating Chamber - Chamber Size     :     700 x 700 x 800mm
    Chamber Consists of , water cooling lines, nitrogen inlet port, overhead feed through, Illumination unit with a vacuum vew port etc.
    Material construction     :     SS304
    Vacuum Pump     :     Oil vacuum pump
    Substrate Size     :     100 x 100mm
    Operation     :     500 - 600 millibar
    Inert Gas Operation     :     Nitrogen purging
    Heater Size     :     150 x 150mm, temperature range up to 500°C
    Dispensing System     :     Stepper motor controlled syringe pump
    Dispensing unit capacity     :     50ml & 250ml
    Dispensing rate     :     1 - 10ml / min.
    Drive speed X axis (min-max)     :     10 - 800mm / sec
    Drive speed Y axis (min-max)     :     1 - 12mm / sec
    Sprayer traverse     :     X - Y 200mm max.

Weight (appx.) - 551 Kg
Note : Dedicated earthing for the unit should be provided onsite by the customer for safe operation of the equipment

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