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Variable Angle

Spectroscopic Ellipsometer

Model: HO-ED-TH-06

Spectroscopic ellipsometer is widely used for thin film analysis and measurements. Holmarc’s spectroscopic ellipsometer incorporates Rotating Analyzer Ellipsometry technology to characterize thin film samples. It uses a high speed CCD array detection to collect the entire spectrum. It measures films from nanometer thickness up to tens of microns and the optical properties from transparent to absorbing materials. It accurately measures optical constants like refractive index, film thickness and extinction coefficient.

Our standard system comes with Quartz-Halogen lamp from visible to IR range. Our spectroscopic ellipsometer software allows the user to measure and analyze multilayer thin films and complex thin film structures. An autocollimator, Z stage and tilt platforms are provided for sample alignment. XY motorized stage and motorized rotation stages are provided as an optional feature for mapping thin film uniformity.

Principle of Ellipsometry

Ellipsometry is a highly sensitive technique for thin film analysis. The principle relies on the changes in the polarization state of light when reflecting from a surface. To characterize the polarization state, corresponding to the direction of the electric filed of the electromagnetic wave; two directions are chosen as reference, p-direction (parallel) and sdirection (perpendicular). The reflected light has phase changes that are different for p-direction and s-direction. Ellipsometry measure this state of polarization;

p    =    rp / rs    =    tan Ψe

Where Ψ and Δ are the amplitude ratio and phase shift of the p and s components respectively. Since ellipsometry measures ratio of two values, it is very accurate and repeatable.


    Spectral range   :   450 - 800 nm

    Detector   :   CCD

    Resolution   :   2 nm

    Light source   :   Halogen lamp

    Goniometer   :   40 - 90 degree

    Thickness measurement range   :   0.1 nm - 10 micron

    Resolution of film thickness   :   0.01 nm

    Resolution of measured R.I.   :   0.001

    Sample alignment   :   Semi-automated (optical detection) with manual 10mm height adjustment and tilt

    Sample stage features   :   X - Y translation over 10 x 10mm (optional)

    Measurable film parameters   :   Refractive index, extinction coefficient, absorption coefficient and film thickness


    Non-destructive and non-contact technique

    Analysis of single and multilayer samples

    Accurate measurements of ultra-thin films

    Software for measurement, modeling and automatic operations

    All range of (Ψ, Δ) can be measured

    Uniform sensitivity for (Ψ, Δ)

Software Features

    User extendable materials library

    Data can be saved as an Excel or text file

    Advanced mathematical fitting algorithm

    Extraction of thickness and optical constants

    Parameterized models

    Multi layer thickness measurements

    Acquisition and analysis of psi, delta and reflectance at different wavelengths and angles

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