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Variable Angle Spectroscopic Ellipsometer

Model No: HO-SE-01XY

Holmarc Model: HO-SE-01XY Variable Angle Spectroscopic Ellipsometer is a Rotating Analyzer type ellipsometer which is used to measure the thickness and the refractive index of single and multilayer thin films. It can measure films thickness in the range of a few nanometers to tens of microns, and the optical constants of transparent to absorbing materials.

    Spectral Range  :  450 - 800 nm
    Ellipsometer configuration  :  RAE
    Detector  :  3648 pixel CCD linear sensor
    Spectral resolution  :  1 nm
    Incident angle  :  50 - 75 degree (Resolution 0.1 degree, Automated operation)
    Sample focusing  :  Automated
    Sample thickness  :  0.3 mm - 8 mm
    Sample XY Stage travel  :  30 mm x 30 mm (motorized)
    Thickness measurement range  :  20 nm - 10 microns
    Resolution of film thickness  :  0.01 nm
    Resolution of measured R.I  :  0.001
    Sample alignment  :  Manual tilt
    Sample measurement  :  automatic
    Thickness analysis  :  Advanced mathematical fitting algorithms
    Software Features  :
    Automatic operation
    Automatic sample focusing
    User extendable materials library
    Data can be saved as Excel
    Mathematical fitting algorithm
    Multilayer thickness measurement
    Deduction of thickness and optical constants

Fig. Optical Layout of Variable Angle Spectroscopic Ellipsometer

Principle of Ellipsometry

Ellipsometry is a highly sensitive technique for thin film analysis. The principle relies on the changes of the polarization state of light while reflecting from a surface.

To characterize the polarization state, corresponding to the direction of the electric field of the electromagnetic wave; two directions are chosen as reference, p-direction (parallel) and s-direction (perpendicular). The reflected light has phase changes that are different for p-direction and s-direction. Ellipsometry measure this state of polarization;

p  =  rp / rs  =  tan Ψe

Where Ψ and Δ are the amplitude ratio and phase shift of the p and s components respectively. Since ellipsometry is measuring the ratio of two values, it is very accurate and reproducible.


    Non-destructive and non-contact technique

    Analysis of single and multilayer samples

    Accurate measurements of ultra-thin films

    Software for measurement, modeling and automatic operations

    Uniform measurement sensitivity for (Ψ, Δ)

Ellipsometric Solutions

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Holmarc can provide custom spectroscopic ellipsometers to fit a wide variety of applications.

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